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Website visitors viewing and engaging with video sites that content has been uploaded to. Read our take on free video uploading, video file hosting websites and where to upload your video clips to.
Duel Marketing Marketing Agency - Video Sites To Upload Content To

Video Sites To Upload Content To

  • June 6, 2019
  • 9:01 am
  • Duel Marketing Editorial Team

Digital marketing covers a wide range of channels and strategies but one aspect of digital marketing that is crucial for businesses and brands is video marketing. Video massively drives user engagement and is vital part fo your digital marketing efforts. The main questions still remain, what are your options for video sites to upload content to? Where do you upload video file to content? Read on to find out.

Video websites like YouTube (and alternatives to YouTube) make it possible for brands to create a following, showcase their products and really capture the imagination of their audience. Businesses are now employing specific roles for video content creators and out sourcing to agencies to handle video production. Video streaming is extremely popular amongst millions of people, as they watch and share videos at every given opportunity, whether that is on Social Media or Video-Streaming websites.

Visual content is crucial as people no longer want to consume masses of text. Watching videos is one of the latest ways to engage, communicate and generate results when it comes to business marketing.

Of course, distributing content to wide audiences is simple because of the way in which video hosting websites work. Today, more and more people are now making a final decision on whether to make a purchase based on video content that they have seen. These metrics alone are proving just how important video content really is!

Best Video Upload Sites for Digital Marketing.

Below we have summarised the most popular video sharing sites, many offer free video uploads regardless of file size. Read on and feel free to use for your reference:


YouTube is the industry leader or the trailblazer if you like when it comes to video upload. It is the video sharing site that everyone turns to. When you consider that YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors each month, it is clear to see just how important the platform really. This especially true when it comes to digital marketing. It offers a simple solution for brands that want to implement video into their marketing strategies.

To upload your video content is simple and simple. No mater whether businesses or brands want to upload movies and TV Shows, gaming content or content relating to their own products or service. It is now possible to target a larger user group and reach a vast audience across the globe. With such vast numbers and popularity there’s a lot of video content available. Although it is the most recognisable online video upload site, there are still other video sites out there for brands to take advantage of.


Some might say that when it comes to showcasing work Vimeo has a more professional and polished look. This gives the appearance that it is more for the brand and business markets. Many brands, designers and artists use Vimeo with great success because it is considered to be a popular video sharing website. Users are restricted to the same controls as YouTube but Vimeo is one of the best video hosting websites out there.


This is still a significantly popular video hosting site where video content can be uploaded and shared quickly and efficiently. It does offer a very robust tagging feature as well as channel and group creation systems, enabling marketers to target specific groups should they wish.

Again, uploading video content is so simple and intuitive that it can be implemented swiftly into any kind of marketing strategy that incorporates video. Users can take advantage of the free upload facility, making this a strong contender for brands that want to continue to keep costs down while reaching a mass audience.

As an additional benefot there are a large range of dailymotion video sharing websites already available.


Perhaps this option is a little more restrictive on the audience as it only covers English localisation. However, that could be extremely useful for some brands who only want to reach out to a specific market. This video sharing site hosts music videos, gaming videos and television episodes but brands can also turn it into a way of earning additional income. The free content upload tool is quick and makes it possible to send videos to specific audiences in an efficient and effective way.


This was once an image sharing site but it is now one of the most popular video hosting websites. Primarily, it is aimed at those who want to send short videos. As with any free service there are restrictions but Flickr is still extremely useful for brands who want to capture an audience with a short, punchy video.

Why you should Upload Videos as Part of your Marketing Strategy.

Video content is versatile and engaging, providing an audience with the ability to see products instantly. The great thing about incorporating video as part of a marketing strategy is that it’s reach. It has the potential to reach audiences across many platforms due to the way in which content can be shared. Consumers like videos because they are easy to digest and entertain. All the while from a marketing perspective they can really deliver a large return on investment.

It is the level of accessibility that makes video content so unique. Not only can consumers watch it easily, brands and business can produce videos quickly. They can also have them uploaded and published in no time at all.

So, why should brands upload video content to popular video sharing websites?

Videos Inform & Educate.

Consumers no longer like to be told what to purchase in a”pitch” kind of way. They like to carry out a quick search to find the best product that fits their needs. Therefore, marketing strategies that include video content provide customers with a reason why their product or service is right for them. This is not about making a hard sell but more about highlighting to the customer just how their product or service can bring them value.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

By 2021, it is believed that 80% of traffic will consist of video content. This is because search engines are now viewing uploaded videos as high-quality, relatable content and so, that works when it comes to SEO. Therefore, when it comes to creating videos for sites like YouTube, it is important that the correct keywords, meta description and title are included with the video.

Staying Ahead of Competitors.

Over 80% of brands and businesses are now harnessing the power of video content. They offer the perfect solution for getting messages out there as part of advertising campaigns. Whether it is showcasing a product or a service, creating an explainer video or a review, it really can generate results in ways never seen before. People love watching videos and that means that brands can capture their imagination with a video and hold it. This provides more opportunity to get your message across to views so they have an increased likelihood of understanding why a particular brand is better than any other. Simply put video content massively increases engagement wherever it is used.

Improved Conversion Rates.

Brands can really take advantage of the way in which videos lead to improved conversion rates. When an audience is provided with the opportunity to see a product in action, it is believed that almost 75% of people will make a purchase. Therefore, landing pages are great places to put videos. This often enhances conversion rates as customers won’t have to look far to find out just how much a product or service can benefit them.

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