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PPC Agency

PPC agency Duel Digital offer PPC strategy and keyword services.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Services.

PPC (pay per click) advertising is a dynamic marketing channel. Technical platforms, devices users access to search engines with, search engine ad placement as well as general consumer behavior all vary. Using our dedicated PPC strategists and consultants we deliver PPC agency services tailored to every client. Our PPC management team on hand to make the most of your paid search marketing budget.

PPC advertising costs accrue only when users click on your ads. This means you can spend as little or as much as you wish. After reviewing your campaigns we’re able to inform you at which point your PPC will stop being cost-effective. At this point, we may well recommend allocating your budget in other campaigns or channels.

Performed correctly paid search advertising offers high ROI. It is a very cost effective digital marketing channel putting your business directly in front of your target audience.

PPC Platforms.

With many platforms available it can hard to know where to distribute and allocate your paid search marketing budget.

We support PPC ads for all major platforms including; Google Ads (previously Google Adwords), Bing and Yahoo. We also offer PPC services for paid social including Facebook and Twitter. We will distribute your paid search budget across these to achieve the very best return possible for you.

How PPC Works.

The key to an effective PPC account is the keywords and terms that it is targeted towards. The more relevant these are to your target audience the more potential customers are likely to show interest. The more you appear in search in front of this audience the more clicks, leads, conversions and sales you will receive. Working alongside you we perform keyword research to create an accurate list specific to your business and services. We then place bids on these keywords and terms for you and create complimentary ads. This approach offers a consistently high level of relevancy to driving highly engaged traffic to your site.

Personal Service.

By carefully listening to our client’s requirements we offer effective pay per click agency services tailored to your needs. We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution! We invest time to thoroughly understand your business so we can offer you the best service possible. We actively tailor our PPC services for every client. It is this level of account management that has got us where we are today!

PPC Campaigns.

Whether your requirement is for management or bespoke campaigns we will assist. Being a leading PPC agency in the UK we have years of experience in all PPC areas. Delivering services across multiple channels we understand how complex it can coordinating all your marketing channels for campaigns. We are on hand to ensure your PPC campaigns work cost-effectively and flawlessly for you.

Data Driven.

Focusing on ROI we let your PPC data determine which keywords and phrases are cost effective for you. With regular reviews, we are able to spot trends quickly. Through years of experience, we’re able to act on our instincts and discover niche opportunities that will benefit you.

PPC Agency – Premium Support & Advice.

Being a full-service agency we regularly review your account as well as your online presence. If there’s a more cost effective solution for you out there we’re not afraid to tell you. Whether a paid social campaign, email blast or improved web design can help we will let you know. Reviewing your online presence and conducting regular reviews we inform you of any digital bottlenecks that should be addressed.

As a result of working with us every click to your website will result in relevant users engaging with your business. Our data-driven PPC services will deliver the results you’re expecting to achieve your KPIs. We make your bottom line our priority and provide regular management. Typically we review your account on a bi-weekly and often daily basis.

End to End Management.

Through our PPC auditing and paid search management services we improve your sites PPC performance. We review each stage of your users journey to guarantee ‘click-to-close’ optimisation.

If you’re searching for a London based PPC company with a difference, then you’ve found us!

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PPC Agency Services.

Frequently asked PPC Agency Questions.

What is the difference between Google Ads & AdWords?

Google has renamed its former paid advertising platform called 'AdWords' to be called 'Google Ads'. This was part of a wider rebranding strategy to simplify the paid ad platforms.

This now sites under a parent service called 'Google Marketing Platform' which also contains Google Analytics 360 (formerly DoubleClick).

Are you able to help with Google Responsive Text Ads?

Of course! We have experience with Google Responsive Ads and will be happy to set this up for you. For more infpirmation on Google Responsive Ads please look at our PPC Management service webpage.

Do you offer exclusive PPC Services for the UK?

Not at all! Our services have helped local, national, international and even global clients with paid search advertising!.

I'm looking for an Adwords agency, can you help?

Of course, but we should inform you that Google Adwords is now simply called 'Google Ads'.

We're able to support you with Google Ads Management, Google Ads Audits plus Remarketing & Retargeting services with Google Ads..

What is the meaning of the term PPC Agency?

PPC stands for 'Pay Per Click', and is also referred to as 'CPC (Cost Per Click)'. It's an advertising model used to engage users searching online and drive traffic to websites, microsites and landing pages.

The really great thing about using PPC advertising is you typically only pay when a user clicks on your ad. This means that you highly receive engaged visitors to your ad's destination, provided the destination is relevant to your ad and only pay when a user has clicked on your ad. As an additional benefit, you also receive impressions so your ad is shown to relevant users which increases your brand awareness!

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