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Ecommerce Websites Services - Web Development Agency - Duel Marketing

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce has redefined online shopping. Websites have proven to be an effective, quick and easy way for people to buy things without having to physically visit shops.

Always open accessible by a large number of people globally. Be it a small business or a large scale retail, Duel Marketing can create the ideal ecommerce solution for your business!

We take care of everything required for your ecommerce website for you. Whether you’re a start-up business or well-established, we have just the right tools to create a website that works for your online business. When it comes to an online ecommerce site, correct functionality, user friendly features, slick user journeys and custom web design are some of the features that matter. Our ecommerce experts handle everything from site performance to user engagement and conversion rate optimisation!

After using our services clients regularly report conversion and sales increases of 21%!

What Makes Our Ecommerce Websites Unique?

We take the time to understand our clients and their needs. We appreciate that often ecommerce websites are the main revenue stream for businesses and we take our responsibility seriously!

We tailor our ecommerce solutions to meet your requirements. We’ve implemented websites using content management systems from Magento to WordPress with WooCommerce and other extensions. The solution we recommend will suit your requirements perfectly from day one and beyond. We implement ecommerce solutions that are highly extendable, as your businesses needs and requirements change so too can your website. Being highly adaptable ensures longevity for website.

Duel Marketing guarantees you a transforming experience when it comes to launching an ecommerce website. Our experts specialise in taking care of every detail from web design, product information and promotions to payment options and security.

Let your business see a new world!

To experience the change, kick start your ecommerce or take your current website to the next level get in touch with us immediately!

Leading Ecommerce Websites Agency.

Here are just some important ecommerce features we include:

Content Management.

Our team specialises in categorising and managing content, systematically. From custom web page designs to image distribution and placement, managing blog posts, homepage banners, reviews and comments, we manage everything meticulously and according to the needs of our clients.

Customer Management.

Ecommerce websites aren't like any other websites and require correct handling of all website visitors. We have special tools to categorise customers systemically, by their names and other information. Taking care of customer accounts, maintaining their order history and reviewing through their feedback is all part of running a successful ecommerce site.

Matching Design with Product Description

It's important to relate the web design with accurate product descriptions. We make sure that the images, colour, fonts and text all remain the defining features of your website. Our team specialises in highlighting your products and mentioning all the important product information so that it stands out in the market, attracting maximum amount of customers.

Whether you are selling local products to local customers, nationwide distribution or even global, our ecommerce websites will perform well within search engines enhancing your brand awareness and organic reach.

We also integrate social media since it's one of the most powerful marketing tools available today! Good customer reviews on social media websites not only help build a reputation but also attracts new customers. Social media also encourages customers to trust you more often than a website that's not popular on these social media platforms.

Contact Information & Support.

It's very important for you build trust among your clientele and the easiest way to do so is to have a sound customer service and effective support system. We help you help your customers realise that they are being heard and taken care of.

Discounts, Promotions & Online Retail.

One of the most important feature of today's online shopping is discounts and promotions, which catch the attention of the customers the most. Our creative custom website designs, attractive layouts and tips from our experts on how to give out effective discounts, all go a long way in creating a successful online business.

Shopping Cart Web Design.

User friendly shopping carts and user journeys enhance online shopping experiences for your customers massively! Our ecommerce consultants specialise in making sure that your shopping cart has all essential tools such as functional product images, option to add multiple items, create order revisions, option to remove products and more!

Payment Gateways.

The more the payment options available for the customers the higher the number of sales and conversions for you. This directly helps you increase your sales, conversions and even leads. Our experts make it possible for you to entertain a variety of online payment options including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and more.

Website Security.

With advance technological help and alarming developments in online scams and hacking, it's essential to maintain all aspects fo website security!

Secure connections to protect customer identities, credit card details and other important user data must all be safe guarded. We take pride in offering multi layered security to encrypt, fully supported SSL certificates and more to protect your website and customer data effectively.

Customer Reviews.

Providing an effective ecommerce website with efficient user journeys for your customers increases sales as well as customer satisfaction.

At Duel Marketing we know how important and widely regarded your customer reviews are. Our ecommerce solutions regularly receive positive feedback which we display to inform all your website visitors how great your products and service are.

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