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Duel Digital design, build, and maintain content management systems. Users may publish content for web pages and manage content on their website without development or technical knowledge required.
Content Management Systems Services - Web Development Agency - Duel Marketing

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Your CMS Requirements.

There is a range of CMS software and there can be several reasons for you needing a specific content management system. So, we will work with you to find a CMS to meet your needs. Performing through evaluations you can be sure that the content management solution we recommend will be perfect for you. There are several aspects that concern our clients.

  • Technological Factors.

    Factors such as high load performance, search engine ranking etc.

  • Ease of Use.

    For company resources who are non-technical, is it user friendly? How will they find working with this system day to day?

  • Cost of Ownership.

    Relating to on-going running and maintenance costs, would an open source or premium enterprise solution be more suitable?

  • Cross Platform Support & Scalability.

    Typically associated with large enterprises this highlights the need for running coherent with multiple technologies or with multiple operating systems.

  • Presence Management.

    This concerns the web presence management which relates with the management of multiple web pages.

  • Deployment Procedure.

    Deployment process refers to the steps taken to update website content from a test to a live environment. How many steps are required? How streamlined is this process?

Through these evaluations and content management know how, we will provide you with recommendations for your most suitable CMS solutions.

Why Use a CMS?

For a start, a CMS ensures and encourages effective multiplicity. Multiple users can collaborate among themselves to operate within a system, create and make subsequent edits to publish their content. Multiplicity also ensures that users can access the system from any location since popular content management system are often web based.

Secondly, it ensures inclusivity. Many content authors are not technically minded and struggle to manage their content through the usage of programming languages. A CMS platform for these users to enter text and upload images without any technical knowledge if highly beneficial.

Lastly, CMS decreases the reliance of the company for technical individuals to ensure timely and recurrent changes to websites. These systems are very effective at ensuring quick and easy publishing of content without needing the input of technical resource. So it is quite beneficial for small businesses as it would lead to cost effectiveness.

Open Source Content Management System CMS.

We’re industry leading in delivering content management solutions that meet our clients every requirement. A well suited intuitive content management system will lead to higher engage from it’s users and will require less training investment. Ultimately you will have a system with a significant life span and longer term solution.

For open source requirements we deliver WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5 and more. We have you covered for all your open source content management needs.

Enterprise Content Management.

When it comes to higher level solutions Duel Marketing also offer support. Helping enterprises of all sizes we have experience with premium CMS’s too! As bespoke as your business we are happy to work with any system you may require. From development environments to web content management systems we will work alongside your business and fit in to your working process. We ensure we integrate with your business in the most efficient way possible for you. This helps to make sure your scalability is never compromised and remains simple and straight forward.

Leading Content Management Systems Agency.

Defining Features of CMS.

A content management system is a platform through which content editors and web authors manage and publish web content. It allows for multiple authors and editors to create, edit and publish content.

Typically a CMS uses a central database to store the content to be displayed in a template based presentation scheme. There are numerous features that could be added to content management systems, however, the underlying features are the following:

  • Content Creation.

    In todays competitive world of SEO your CMS needs to offer superior performance indexing search and retrieval of web content.

  • Storage of Centralised Content.

    We your system allow for easy team collaboration? Will it provide lock features and other workflow management to prevent users from overwriting updates from other team members.

  • Publishing Content.

    As it stands to develop a credible web presence your website content is key to distinguishing yourself from your competitors. You need a CMS that allows frequent easy updates to your website content to beat competition and conquer the search engines.

  • Workflow & Permissions Management.

    Features to control the user permissions & privilege level settings. How extensive are these? Will your CMS be suitable for small and larger teams considering potential future requirements?

  • Asset Management.

    A robust CMS solution will allow you to perform content updates as well as asset and documentation management. We will use this a factor when it comes to recommending your ideal CMS. If you need to manage digital assets we will factor this into our decision making.

Content Management Application (CMA).

Duel Marketing provide a complete solution for enterprises, big or large, to conduct better digital asset management. We work with our clients, both before and after projects are delivered, to guarantee optimum implementation of CMS solutions. We then help you form a successful strategy for content management.

We provide following services to ensure the best content management for our clients:

  • CMS Implementation.

    Even the best CMS solution would quickly become inefficient and unsuitable for purpose if it weren't implemented or maintained correctly. We help with the meticulous process of implementation. We carefully access each step required a tailor an implementation plan specific to your business needs.

    This service includes complete strategy for implementation, from installation to training to project management and to the provision of technical support. Our service is directed at ensuring you get comfortable with the usage of your CMS. We're also there to provide you with content organisation and structuring assistance for content authoring, among other things.

  • CMS Tailored Development.

    We excel at tailoring the development of CMS software to match the requirements of our clients and their businesses. It is often the case that our clients have already had an implementation of a CMS, and that which failed. The reason being that most CMS development services provide only a straight-line approach without deviation. We take into account a company's unique needs and match each solution accordingly. We tailor our CMS software development to each client's needs. You'll reap greater efficiency out of this approach and benefit from a positive long term impact on your business.

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Frequently Asked Contact Management System Questions.

Are you able to integrate custom website designs?

Yes! We are only too happy to integrate a CMS with any website design you may have.

If your bespoke website design provides a concept and you wish to have your website designed in full we also provide Award Winning Custom Website Design Solutions too!

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