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Conversion Rate Optimisation Services by Duel Marketing - Make the most of your website traffic and increase the number of conversions from your website though AB multivariant split tests and other enhancements.
Conversion Rate Optimisation Services - Web Development Agency - Duel Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our team of conversion rate optimisation consultants consider what we do to be a mixture of science and art! We believe that CRO is much more complicated than simply increasing the percentage of website visitors. Attracting these visitors costs companies to invest valuable time and resources. If the potential customer doesn’t take the desired action your resources would have been wasted!

At Duel Marketing we start by picking the right link of the conversion channel i.e. the website’s optimisation. Using best innovative solutions, best practice and our extensive experience we find the right formula for your website. This includes reviewing your user journeys, layout, colour, speed and various other factors to result in a higher number of conversions.

At face value these changes may appear insignificant or unnecessary, such as the placement of a Call to Action button. We understand how these seemingly minor alterations will raise conversion rates and boost your website leads and conversions.

After working with us our clients regularly report conversion increases of 32%!

Continually Increasing Conversions.

We lay the groundwork for all the alterations and improvements by using well-defined objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators). We use the following methods to collect user insight and data to arrive your goals:

  • Analytics Review

    This could be Google Analytics or other third party analytics software, whichever your setup or preference maybe.

  • Conversion Funnel Dropout Analysis

A|B Split Testing.

We use the advanced multivariant testing procedures as another way of improving conversion rates. Only highly experienced CRO experts understand the complicated ins and outs of split testing. When performed correctly, it can be rewarding and result in incremental growth. Our CRO experts create and customise split tests specifically for your business that result in higher conversion rates. Due to our knowledge of human web experience decision-making we promote psychological success to each user using proven strategies.

Talk to one of our conversion rate optimisation consultants now and start improving your bottom line today!

Your Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency.

Landing Page Optimisation.

Duel Marketing has great experience in wielding the techniques with the highest chances of success in CRO i.e. landing pages! For digital growth of your business, a landing page is crucial. Your landing pages need to be flawless and designed to create the right impression for its visitors. Having run thousands of CRO tests our optimisation consultants have perfected the creation process of landing pages.

We use the model presented below for effective web page optimisation. It outlines the areas that must be fine-tuned to give the visitor a better first impression. When you hire our services to have your landing page designed we will specifically be focusing on:

  • Visitors.

  • Trust.

  • Desire.

  • Friction.

  • Value Proposition.

  • Business Relevance.

  • Clarity of Website.

Duel Marketing has the cutting-edge resources that can turn any website's problems around. We create winning conversion rate optimisation strategies that are unique to each business's needs.

We analyse the specifications of your business and compare that to your company website. At Duel Marketing our experts understand no two businesses are the same. Each business has its own unique needs, without truly understanding this no landing page can be effectively optimised!

Culprits of Poor Conversion Rates.

The potential barriers to good conversion rates include the following:


Online, content is the key to engaging with your potential customers. Even if your site's content rich with blog posts, if the content's not relevant you're not making a great impression. Many first-time visitors would have only visited your website when directed by a search engine. Your website should meet their expectations or you are looking at a high bounce rate! Make the best first impression possible with professional conversion rate optimisation help from Duel Marketing!

Poor User Experience (UX).

Typically this highlights websites that fail to deliver the information a visitor wants from it. To improve the experience your user have of your website we adjust each stage of the user journey. We review each step from entry to checkout and assess your sites user journey efficiency. Smoother journeys to the product page, article or landing pages of your website translate into smooth conversions, leads and sales.


If you want your customers to buy your products services, then you need to gain their trust. We use a proven combination of security symbols and trust-evoking language to get customers to submit their personal details. We also provide other supporting evidence, such as testimonials and case studies for maintaining website traffic.

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Frequently Asked Conversion Rate Optimisation Questions.

Why do I need Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation increases the efficiency of your marketing funnel, reduces bounce rates and leads to more leads, conversion and sales to improve your bottom line.

If you're getting traffic to your site but are seeing low or moderate conversion rates this service will improve it. Supported by analytics you will see more business enquiries and leads. Whichever marketing channel you choose to use to drive traffic to your site you should make your webpages as simple to navigate and use as possible.

What is tested for optimisation?

Since webpages typically have multiple content areas and many technical factors optimisations can be found in numerous points! A seemingly limitless number of hurdles can be placed between your traffic and conversion journeys. From webpage design, navigation, content hierarchy, element positions, button prominence and even colour can have dramatic effects on your conversion rates!

Our team of experienced Conversion Rate Optimisation experts have great instinct for areas that can benefit from immediate improvement and can set about making improvements quickly. We perform medium and long term tests too and justify all our actions with data. Before implementing any changes we discuss our recommendations with you and agree an approach to be implemented to benefit your business.

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