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Let Duel Marketing help with your Google AMP Pages and handle your integration, load times, site speed & AMP cache management
AMP Pages Services - Web Development Agency - Duel Marketing

AMP Pages

AMP Pages

At Duel Marketing, we understand the importance of helping your business keep up to speed with the ever-changing world of technology, particularly where your website is concerned. Give your website the SEO and mobile performance boost it deserves with Google AMP pages!

Your business has to be visible in every possible way and that’s why we are here to assist you. The speed of your website and web pages is important for a number of reasons. It has an impact on your ranking with search engines and in turn that will have an impact on your traffic. However, your visitors need your page load time to be as quick as possible, especially where mobile devices are concerned. We live in a world where people carry out tasks online while they are on the move. Therefore, load time and loading speed go hand in hand because they have a direct impact on the success of your business. So, to overcome this issue, our Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Services are designed to create optimised web pages and content that loads instantly. Giving your site speed a significant boost.

What is AMP?

AMP is a new, open source initiative that makes it possible to optimise the load speed of your website, deliver a user experience that captivates and drives conversion rates. Amp content then delivers a reading experience that is accessible and created for mobile web browsing.

Benefits of Mobile AMP Pages.

When you choose to use our service, you will experience a wide range of benefits. These will all help your website to become more accessible, easier to use and will deliver a more attractive mobile user experience.

  • Enhanced Speed.

    If your website is not fast enough then it isn’t working for you or it’s visitors! Everything we do these days needs to be done fast, and that is especially true when it comes to your website. Presenting your content quickly and efficiently will keep your visitors engaged. Amp content loads as much as 85% faster than regular content, proving just how much of an impact it can have. Mobile users are more than likely going to make up a large portion of your users and so, this is what they are demanding. You only have a few seconds to display your page and provide users with the content they need.

    Enabling your website to work faster through the use of AMP will ensure that all users benefit from being able to obtain the information they require in the fastest time possible. We are here to ensure that your website is optimised in the best possible way.

  • Improved Accessibility.

    When you consider that users may only give you 5 seconds to display your content and give them what they want, you don’t have a huge amount of time. The attention span of your users is changing and you need to adapt to that. Our team of experts are on hand to provide your website with fresh content that is informative. Content that is usable and gets results, all of which is delivered by the implementation of AMP. Your customers are looking for information on your services and products and they want to be able to access that quickly. Through providing them with a greater level of accessibility, you will see all of your data move in the right direction, including conversion rates and your bottom line. The faster your customers can access the data they want, the quicker they can make a more favourable decision for you.

    We can help to keep your site up to speed, ensuring that your visitors stay with you instead of moving to your competitors.

  • Show your customers you care.

    The idea of using an AMP is important but it shows that your business is innovative and forward thinking. You will look like a business that is thinking of the future while showing that you are always looking to offer your customers a seamless experience. This gives an added value proposition and it will make your business and website the place to go for your services or products. Google takes control of the way in which Accelerated Mobile Pages are shown on Mobile devices and so if you use AMP, your business will stand out. This will give your business a greater level of respect and recognition within your industry but also with your customers. Putting your brand in this position will only work to benefit you.

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings.

    Search engines already take speed as a consideration when ranking websites and so, although there is no official link between AMP and Google Rankings yet, the two go hand in hand and your site will rank higher. However, despite there being no link, when you choose to implement AMP, you will be preparing your business for the future.

    The faster the speed, the higher the conversion rate too. If your website is faster than your competitors then customers are more likely to make a purchase.

  • Faster Distribution.

    If your brand is equipped with AMP, then you can lead or compete when it comes to distributing content. Delivering content at a faster speed ensures that your readers and visitors become engage with your brand. Therefore, AMP makes distributing content easier and more favourable for all.

  • More Efficient Tracking.

    Increasing traffic to your mobile pages is great for business but how they got there is equally as important. Tracking makes it possible for you to determine where they came from and which pages they viewed and traditionally this is handled with Google Analytics. This is where AMP can make a difference! Tracking users and site performance is more efficient on AMP because of the tools that are already in place, making it easier to identify user behaviour. We can help you influence their behaviour through tracking, utilising the right tools and analytics.

  • Improved User Experience.

    Your online success is underpinned by user experience and that’s why AMP is so beneficial. As more and more of your users start using a mobile device to browser your site it will enable you to engage with them. If your information is presented in a readable and digestible way, then your users will interpret it correctly. AMP design and looks are sleek and more efficient and although that might not work for some, for others it brings them the speed and information they expect.

Leading AMP Pages Agency.

AMP Google Optimisation.

At Duel Marketing, we believe that you should consider preparing your web page for AMP. Our service is all about helping you to future-proof your business, so you can continue to get results while your competitors are playing catch up!

Our whole service is designed to help you benefit from this powerful tool. It is a simple upgrade but it will help your business to continue to meet the ever-changing demands of Google, other search engines and your users.

We will work with you to identify just how well your pages are performing and then create a strategy that will enable us to make the right changes. We bring together the right design and incorporate it with AMP, ensuring that everything works in a fluid and efficient way. Our team will work with you to find out more about your business, products, services and who your audience is. This will enable us to determine the correct methods and then adapt them to your specific needs.

AMP pages are fast becoming an expectation and we are heading to a point where you will be expected to use it. If you fail to act now, you can be sure that your business will get left behind. Through our complete service, we are on hand to deal with the whole process from start to finish. We have a complete understanding of the AMP landscape and so, we have the right experts on hand to deliver our service in a professional way that meets your specific needs.

AMP is important, in fact we it is crucial and you also need to identify the impact it can have on your business. Turn to our expert service to create an effective plan that will help your business grow and push boundaries. Whatever your requirement can help. From complete AMP websites to landing pages your mobile visitors will experience significantly improved load times and user experience. Contact us to discuss how we can deliver your AMP project today!

What makes it So Different?

For your business to succeed, it needs to stand out! That's where accelerated mobile pages can help and why AMP is the perfect solution to an age-old web browsing problem. Many websites are still heavy in design and that makes them slow and cumbersome, but our service will help to steer your business away from this. AMP pages are stripped of any heavy HTML, CSS or other elements to display correctly. Therefore, AMP pages are aimed at creating a mobile web experience that's more efficient and engineered for your users.

Getting ranked highly with search engines requires your site to meet a number of criteria but you will commonly see an AMP site positioned higher in Google than you would other sites. Particularly where news related searches are carried out.

So, we believe that your business could benefit immensely from being AMP optimised. We can help you to get results just by implementing a new approach to your web design.

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Frequently asked AMP Page Questions.

Can you explain how Google AMP works?

AMP pages load quickly because they are stored in AMP cache. Each time an AMP link is clicked data for that webpage is retrieved from a cached location. When loading a webpage that contains many links on mobile, like a search engine results page, you are in fact being served the data for the amp pages too. The AMP pages however aren't displayed until you click on them at which point the data is served locally so additional round trips and network latency doesn't apply that you get with current webpages.

What are instant articles?

This is a feature specifically associated within Facebook and social media marketing. Facebook Instant Articles are a collaboration of news and content that are served in a similar accelerated method to that of AMP content.

They have been so successful that Facebook now recommends that all articles are published as Facebook Instant Articles on the network!

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