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Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing services in the UK by Duel Digital Marketing Agency including; social media campaigns and social media management.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing.

Using Social Media to grow your business.

Since the inception of social media the digital landscape has indefinitely changed the way users interact with brands and businesses alike. Implementing a social media marketing plan for your business is a must have to expand your following and brand’s awareness.

Whether you’re looking to drive engagement, increase brand awareness or generate website traffic your brand requires social media presence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting one social network or many, Duel Marketing can offer help and deliver first-class support with your social media marketing efforts.

Why have a Social Media presence.

Engaging and building an audience has never been more important and unlike some other marketing channels, PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads, for instance, engaging your social channel effectively and understanding customers behaviour cultivates long-term relationships and brand awareness once you create your brands’ user base.

Importance of Social Media Marketing.

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page or another social channel that has only a few followers? This is speaking volumes about your brand, get your business recognised, get your users engaged, get followed and build your social media user base. Impactful social media marketing is about targeting and engaging the correct user groups.

Social Media Marketing Plans.

Like any media strategy you have to start somewhere, Duel Marketing start by performing a social landscape audit. Our specialist social team will evaluate your position in relation to your competitors, determine your customers’ behaviour and engagement habits, establish potential opportunities and generate a strategy for you to achieve your social media goals.

Our approach to developing our clients’ social media presence is to grow, engage and nurture, this is a proven method that delivers results. We implement medium to long-term strategies to build your social media following but also offer campaign support whenever required.

Social Media Marketing in London.

Being a London based digital marketing agency we offer services to cater to social media and your other digital marketing channels. We can help your deliver cross-channel coordination to aid campaign implementation and offer on-going support to help you manage your social media channels effectively.

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Social Media Marketing Agency Services.

Frequently asked Social Media Marketing Agency Questions.

How can I use Facebook for Social Media Marketing?

Here are some top tips for using Facebook as an effective marketing tool:

  • • Engage with your target audience, sounds simple but you wouldn't believe how often we have to recommend this. Try using Facebook Groups to find your target market!
  • • Emphasis your brand by optimising your businesses profile page. Include a suitable profile image, fill in your company details (the more the better), provide contact details and importantly a link to your website.
  • • Create unique social media content, if you're offering quality content your competitors aren't then your page will receive more visits and you'll benefit from higher user engagement. Try video content to improve your organic reach

Implementing as many of the above points across all your social platforms will hugely help your Social Media Marketing!

How can I use Social Media to promote my brand in real time?

Using social media real time marketing places your brand as current, active and up to date. The power of these platforms to engage with target audiences in real time is under utilised, there is potential to perform many tasks effectively in real time with your users. From customer service operations to live promotions and even interactive campaigns, all be used very effectively with high levels of engagement.

Which Social Media platform is best for marketing a business?

The question you should ask yourself is what are my business priorities and KPIs, once you have a clear goal in mind the social platform most effective to achieve it will be more apparent.

It will come as no surprise that Facebook and Twitter have the largest number of users but you may wish to consider other platforms depending on your business:

  • Instagram - The defacto photo publishing network is great for imagery based businesses, a great example of this is National Geographic. Encouraging their photographers to share their photos on their channel National Geographic now has one of the largest Instagram accounts around with millions of followers!
  • • YouTube - Many video producers and video editors have great organic reach with YouTube. If you have any amount of videos associated with your business you should have a YouTube presence, a large benefit being that users are free to visit your businesses YouTube page and copy code snippets to embed your videos into other websites

Can I use Social Media Marketing to help my websites search engine optimisation?

Yes you can and we often recommend this to our clients! Social signals are a key part of the helping your website rank well within search engines. The more your social content is shared, liked and commented on the more worthy it is seen by search engines and the better your search engine results positions (SERPs).

Contact us to discuss how you can integrate social signals into your digital marketing strategy to benefit both your social channels and search engine optimisation marketing.

Do you recommend social influencer marketing?

Used in the correct way social influencer advertising can be extremely powerful and helpful for certain industries. If your brands product or service is recommended by a reviewer and influencer in your industry across social channels it reflects positively on your business.

This activity benefits your social channels and has the additional benefit of supporting your websites SEO too. The more your content is shared, reviewed and receives positive interactions the more social signals search engines see from your website and your organic reach improves as a result.

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Whether you wish to conquer the search engines, improve your organic media, seek assistance with existing digital marketing or simply advice we will be pleased to offer support.

From marketing strategy, search campaigns, paid search, content marketing, social media, web design and more. Whatever you want assistance with Duel Marketing will help.

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