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Email Design & Build Agency Services - Web Development Agency - Duel Marketing

Email Design & Build Agency

Email Design & Build Agency

Get the results you want from your email marketing with our email agency services including email design and development services. Many companies are under the misapprehension that email marketing isn’t effective anymore. Considering it to be obsolete, they’re missing out on one of the highest ROI (return on investment) marketing techniques!

If you have stopped using email marketing, it is time you returned to it. However, since it is so widely used, your emails must be works of perfection that stand out from the crowd! Duel Marketing can assist your company and make it excel when it comes to email design and email builds.

With our help you’ll be able to grow a substantial list of addresses for your email newsletters and more.

We also help you gather contacts through your site visitors, social followers, ads, paid search and more. Initially it can be difficult gaining the trust of consumers and have them hand out their email addresses. Luckily at Duel Marketing we blaze the trail when it comes to this.

It is crucial for brands to remember that on-site messaging is the first step to trust-building. For potential customers to provide their contact information, you should provide them with something of equal value in return. This is where a cleverly written copy and smooth sign-up process come in handy.

Getting more customers to subscribe for your emails requires a clear email marketing strategy. We automate the whole process so that is considerably less time-consuming. You can create and send relevant content that proves of value to your new subscribers in no time!

Continually Improving the Email Marketing Process.

Successful email marketing requires that businesses adopt a data-driven scientific approach to the whole process. Supplementing this approach with content that is thought-provoking and engaging. Sending engaging content to your customers regularly can be challenging. However, with the correct content strategy and segmentation email marketing can create very positive experiences between brands and their consumers. Our approach can be divided:

  1. The Audit.

    Consider this the discovery phase in which we review your company’s current email marketing performance. Our objective is gaining a deeper understanding of the company’s needs to come up with viable and effective Email Marketing Campaigns.

  2. Set Up.

    Finalised when we have factored in goals to be achieved, compliance of business rules, and timelines to be honoured.

  3. Automation & Refinement.

    This phase involves automation of the email programs, provision of training, and management of campaign services.

Responsive Email Design.

Users these days don’t open their emails in a single device. Your email design should display perfectly across different devices. Recipients may use any mobile devices or email client such as Gmail and Apple Mail to view your emails. We achieve this by creating responsive HTML email templates. Since we use adaptable email templates, your email will be displayed properly, regardless of the device or screen size. We ensure you send out tiled and stacked content that displays flexibly and has a clear and prominent call to action buttons.

Email Development.

Good emails are visually appealing and have engaging content. For each client and project, we create beautiful email designs that acts as marketing masterpiece in both regards. Our email team uses HTML5, media queries and other inline CSS declarations to make that happen. From font size to background color your email will be well built and robust. Our aim is to provide you with a product that adapts to email clients and devices, having the widest possible reach.

Duel Marketing is the ultimate expert in email marketing. We help companies achieve tangible results and maintain this output due to our advanced reporting. We ensure your emails (automated and campaign led) never stop improving!

We provide comprehensive support for a fully-managed email marketing service. We also run email marketing campaigns that help you achieve your overall marketing objectives. Talk to one of our email marketing experts right away!

Your Email Design & Build Agency Agency.

Getting Email Right.

No communication tactic gives an ROI the way email marketing does. However, if you want your company to benefit from what it has to offer, using an email marketing platform is crucial. We ensure that the email solution you have allows you to:

  • Send Responsive Emails through increased personalisation & creation of dynamic content.

  • Optimise your email campaigns via A/B & multivariant testing.

  • Incorporate behavioural triggers that are rooted to certain calls to action for automated email activation.

  • Carry on with email development without requiring an in-depth knowledge of coding etc.

Email Best Practises.

Emails will only drop into the inboxes of the recipients if you can bypass the authentication process found in many inboxes. Duel Marketing experts can help ensure your email campaigns won't be reduced to spam or junk folders. For peace of mind our team has in depth GDPR training. We ensure our emails meet specification and with you're help remain on the right side of GDPR compliance.

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Frequently asked Email Design & Development Questions.

How are emails best used with my digital marketing?

As a leading email design agency we review your email marketing and can suggestion strategy, deployment, and design optimisations to help you achieve your KPIs!

We also offer award-winning email design & development services. Our team build beautiful HTML email templates, responsive emails & email newsletters to helping you achieve your goals and engage effectively with your contacts.

Can Duel Marketing help with building my email contact list?

Yes of course! With years of experience, we are able to offer strategic advice to help your business grow through successful email marketing which includes growing your mailing lists. We're also able to offer long-term development assistance and setup. We cover all options from event-driven mailings (EDMs) to newsletters and other engagement messages.

Is it best to integrate my email comms with specific landing pages?

This is a great question and the answer depends on the message and nature or contact. For general brand awareness email comms and newsletters, you can send users to web pages on your existing website but for any email that is intending a user to perform a specific action then a dedicated landing page should be created.

Dedicated landing pages have more influence over users to perform specific actions like submitting filling in a form, purchasing a product or subscription etc. Contact us to discuss how we can help drive sales, leads, and conversions for your campaigns and boost your bottom line through digital marketing strategies.

Do you recommend combining email marketing with landing pages?

Absolutely! This is a perfect use case for a tailored user experience. This could be Email Marketing but also applies to other digital marketing channels too like Social Advertising and PPC Advertising. Whenever a user is presented with a specific message or call to action a dedicated landing page should be used as the next step in the user journey. A bespoke landing page will allow for consistent message matching through your user journey. This will result in more successful campaign with an increase in leads, conversions, sales, or something else depending on the nature of your campaign messaging.

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