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Custom website design services by Duel Marketing offer mobile friendly custom web presence for large and small businesses to enhance their brand, products and services.
Custom Web Design Agency Services - Creative - Duel Marketing

Custom Web Design Agency

Custom Web Design Agency

Give your business the web presence it deserves with our Award Winning custom web design service.

At Duel Marketing we understand what it takes to create and implement award winning custom website design. We specialise in designs that really capture the imagination and inspire. We are a custom website design company creating websites that captivate and engage visitors in ways that get results. If you are looking for an award winning web design service, you have found it!

Our team has years of experience and we know what it takes to succeed. We are not just any web design company, we are a custom web design company that instills confidence in our clients. It’s this level of detail that really sets us apart.

We let our custom website results speak for themselves. Our clients regularly report search engine optimisation uplifts of 43%!

Web Design Tailored To Your Needs.

Custom web design is important to any business, we live in a world where you have to stand out. If you are looking for a custom web design, then you have come to the right place. Thriving on innovative and creative thinking we inspire great design and will deliver a site to fit your specific needs.

We have experience in designing websites for thousands of customers and our team of designers have extensive knowledge. This enables us to create a website that works for your business and brand.

Duel Marketing temporary image - Custom Web Design Services including responsive web design, mobile websites, eCommerce websites, Magento CMS and WordPress websites | Custom Web Design Agency

Your Creative Website Design Company.

As an award-winning digital marketing company, we provide custom website designs that help you sell your products and services. Our service is provides website design that includes e-commerce, search engine optimisation, web hosting and so much more. We are a full-service agency and aim to be our clients’ go-to marketing company that delivers on every level.

We have a team of specialised individuals who work together to get results. Our web designers are experienced, knowledgeable and are not afraid to push boundaries. We believe that we have to keep evolving to remain relevant and ahead of our competitors.

Working closely with you we deliver high-quality custom websites that align themselves to the objectives of your business. Your website will be designed and developed by specialists who are driven to get results.

As a business, you should not overlook the importance of custom website design. It is imperative to your success that your website fits around the needs of your business as well as your clients. We use the latest technology and methods that ensure your website stands out.

Finally, a Website that Works for You.

An attractive website is one thing, but it has to be visible and that means that it is search engine optimised. When you consider that over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, optimising your website is a priority. We adopt the best search engine performance practices and this guarantees that your website is reachable, visible and gets results.

To ensure that you reach a wide audience, we create custom websites that are fully responsive and mobile friendly. This is because it not only makes your website accessible but it also means that it ranks higher with Google. User experience is everything and a website that is fast and responsive is a website that gives users what they want. We ensure that your website displays relevant information in just a few seconds. This ensures that visitors stay with you which leads to increased conversions.

Leading Custom Web Design Agency Agency.

Beautiful Design. Incredible Results.

A custom designed website has to look amazing in every way. Clients respond to websites that have been designed correctly and in a way that makes everything simple for them. We create the right layout to ensure that visitors are not bombarded with information or images. This enables them to embrace and benefit from aesthetically pleasing design whilst making your website perform for your business. Whether your clients view your site on their tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. Your site will be mobile friendly because the majority of visitors now use smart devices to view websites on the move. Creating a website involves many different aspects of design and so, we cover all bases.

Dedicated Team of Experts.

Your project is overseen by a dedicated project manager who's supported by a team of skilled web designers and developers. This enables us to deliver a service that includes good communication, a professional approach and web design best practices. We don’t overthink things, we do what is required and we get results.

We meet all deadlines and coordinate internal and external communications to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your project. We are committed to building a custom website that is highly effective. Often this becomes the single most important marketing tool for your business. Your website will tell visitors all about you. Who you are, what you do and how you can benefit them in a way that ensures they stick with you. A compelling custom website design and content work together to increase interest, engagement and conversion rates.

The Custom Website Design Process.

To create a website that meets your specific needs we will assign you with a project manager. Your project manager who will be your point of contact for the duration of the project. To ensure that we capture your needs correctly. We follow a design process that underpins our service and allows us to deliver.

To allow us to create a website that helps to increase sales, we identify your specific goals. Therefore, we will liaise with you to establish your desires and how your website will fit around these. Working closely with you we encourage input into the decision-making process and ensure that your targets and goals align harmoniously.

Once we have a clear idea of what you require, we will then create a visual mock-up of your site. This will provide you with the chance to have your input and put across any thoughts about the look and design. We will then work with you to ensure that the design captures what you want.

We pride ourselves at having the ability to take these designs and turn them into a website that is fully functioning. We do so in an efficient manner without compromising on quality. We can then work with you to identify your content needs as well as the visual aspect of the design. We then bring all requirements together to create our design solutions.

Upon completion of the project which includes the design, development and content creations, we'll then go through a final testing phase. At this point, we will also address any training requirements, enabling you to maintain the site yourself. Once we have your approval we can make your site live! We launch your new website for your clients to find and begin using.

We Help Your Business Stand Out!

It is vital that your business remains current and to do that you need a website that delivers. Custom web design is tailored to your needs meaning it works for your business and your business precisely. We take time to understand and identify your needs. Once understood we can then give your business a website that conveys your message and enhances your brand identity. We bring clever design together with a professional approach that ensures you benefit from the ultimate in custom web design.

At Duel Marketing, we are a custom website design company that cares. We take care of the finer details and always strive to give our clients what they want. We appreciate just how influential a great looking website with captivating custom website design can be. Give your clients what they want by choosing Duel Marketing to help your business fulfil its potential!

A Combination of Design & Smart Thinking.

We believe that every website should be different because where is the excitement in following the crowds? Therefore, the best custom website designs include fresh and exciting ideas. This is designed to deliver a viewing experience that leaves your clients wanting more. User experience is everything, you have a few seconds to capture the imagination of your clients. We prioritise your website UX and with years of experience know how to get it right.

Our team of expert web designers and digital marketing specialists collaborate to deliver a custom web design service. Using multiple disciplines we create solutions that are perfect for large or small businesses. Our ability to adapt and work flexibly enables us to work on any custom website design project. Whatever your industry, business or need, we will ensure that we provide you with a well-designed custom website. Tailored for your business it will enhance your online presence in every aspect.

Our guarantee to our clients is that each and every website we design is unique. You won't find templates and you certainly won't find your custom website anywhere else. We create websites that stand out, are imaginative and offer a user experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

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Frequently Asked Custom Web Design Agency Questions.

Do you offer Content Management System integrations?

CMS integration is key feature of our web design and development process. From open source Wordpress, Magento and Drupal to enterprise level CMSs we have you covered and offer full integration.

Want to integrate your website with a custom CMS, no problem! We offer bespoke integration too, get in touch to discuss how we can work together and development options in more detail.

Will a custom built website impact my other marketing services?

This will depend on your other marketing activities. Due to our high-quality development and attention to detail, you will experience a huge uplift in organic traffic. Our sites are highly optimised for both speed and loading time performance. These are key metrics that Google and other search engines use as a major ranking factor. This will have a massive impact on your website's visibility and help to determine it's position within search engine results pages.

Our websites, large or small, all offer extraordinary search engine optimisation potential!

Can my custom web design integrate with my current email marketing & social media channels?

Your new website can be made to integrate with any digital marketing strategy, third party service or more if required. Often this adds additional complexity so it's important to mention this requirement upfront during the design process. This ensures correct integration steps can be taken early on and will lead to a more reliable codebase, timeline.

What custom web design services do you offer?

Being a marketing leading website design agency we're able to cater for your every need! From brochure websites in the healthcare industry to full Ecommerce solutions we cater for client and requirement!

Here are just some of our website design services:

•  Responsive Websites
•  WordPress Websites
•  Custom Websites
•  Web Hosting
•  Conversion Rate Optimisation
•  Landing Pages
•  Microsites
•  Content Management Systems
•  Custom Websites

Do you offer landing page development services?

Yes, we have a specialised landing page design services. Our team has experience in exactly this practice. Optimising a webpage for improved conversion rates, sales or lead generation requires design engineering. Driven by data the goal of the exercise is to influence visitors to behave in specific ways and perform very specific actions.

FYI - Our landing page design services are sometimes referred to as Campaign or Squeeze pages but are not to be mistaken for our microsite design services where multiple user actions are encouraged.

Our Custom Web Design Process Explained.

01. Consultation.

Our sole aim of this initial phase is to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and their business requirements.

We work with you to determine the goals your site needs to fulfill. We use this opportunity to gauge site scope and make suggestions to help begin the planning and design process.

02. Planning.

During this phase we agree site scope and plan a sitemap with you. We will conduct competitor analysis and research to determine how best to position your business and share our recommendations with you.

This allows you to see what scale of website you will be receiving and where content and features are distributed throughout your website.

We will also discuss technical options with you such as content management systems, responsive behaviour and even hosting options.

03. Design.

With the sitemap, architecture plan and content in place we can start working on displaying your content with your branding visually. Depending on your brand, this may already be well-defined with brand guidelines, but we are also able to carry our branding from scratch if required.

We also consider the robustness of your site and consider how it will behave responsively and display across multiple devices. We develop our websites with the expectation that business and user needs often change and so can be modified and extended with ease. Requirements that you need at a later stage can be added to your website avoiding a costly redesign and development process.

04. Development & Testing.

Once your website has been designed we can commence the build phase. We build websites from scratch providing you with a superior performance website optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO), website performance and user experience.

During the phase we conduct regular tests to ensure your website is robust, displays correctly and behaves as expected across multiple browsers and devices.

05. Launch!

We have lift off! Be under no illusion at Duel Marketing we do not see this as the end of our responsibility, far from it! We provide comprehensive launch support and after care.

Once launched we conduct a series of regular tests on your site to make sure user journeys are super efficient and that it is performing correctly in search engines. As a common courtesy we submit your website to search engines to help this process along.

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