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Forming the basis of SEO practises our comprehensive SEO audit service is crucial to achieve the SEO marketing goals you're looking for!
SEO Audit Services - SEO Agency London - Duel Marketing

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

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What is an SEO audit?

The basis of any well planned SEO strategy is to perform a thorough SEO audit. At Duel Marketing we have performed many organic search audits for clients of all sizes. We understand that to offer superior level customer service we tailor our SEO audit service for every client. We perform SEO audits using a series of SEO tools, best practise and trained SEO consultants know how to deliver our assessments.

We check your keywords, competitors, technical implementation, localisation and other search engine metric factors. In our detailed SEO audit report we’ll tell you where your business currently stands. We’ll go on further to outline the work required to get you where you want to be.

SEO Audit tasks.

To guarantee detailed SEO audit results for we conduct a strict audit process. A typical audit report will consistent of the following SEO checks:

  • Keyword assessment.

    We evaluate your keyword usage and relevancy.

  • Site content.

    How original and unique is your site content? Is it relevant to your target audience? How fresh is your site content? Have you you setup and optimised your internal linking?

  • Website structure.

    Is your site technically optimised to gain benefits from SEO activities? Will these activities see an increase in organic reach rankings? This is a detailed part of of the SEO audit process. Our team of web developers are highly experienced with technical SEO audits.

  • Redirect loops.

    Does your site have any redirects? Are these redirects creating loops? Are they performing unnecessarily?

  • Backlink assessment.

    How many backlinks to your website are present? Are any of these backlinks potentially having a negative impact? We throughly analyse and review your backlinks so they are all beneficial to you organic reach!

  • Website performance.

    How quickly does your website load? Is it performing at it’s peak and rendering pages quickly?

Typical SEO Audit Results.

Our clients regularly report that their organic search traffic increased by 27% by following our search engine optimisations audit recommendation!

Leading SEO Audit Agency.

SEO Audit Service Discoveries.

Once we complete our search engine audit you will receive a report containing all our discoveries. This will include any issues found and suggestions for how to address these. We'll also provide a series of recommended steps for you to perform for medium and long-term goals.

Depending on the audit outcome there maybe technical issues that are impacting your current search indexing negatively. If present it's important to address these issues first before further long-term SEO activities begin.

SEO Audits for Campaigns.

Are you about to launch a SEO campaign and looking for reassurance that you've taken all necessary steps? As well as audits we offer many other SEO services to help! Our professional SEO team and web developers are on hand whatever your requirements. From user experience and social media to action plan we deliver to meet your unique requirements.

Get in touch with us today to improve your search rankings and organic traffic!

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Frequently asked SEO Audit questions.

What is an SEO audit?

An search engine optimisation audit can mean different things to different people. We summarise it as a comprehensive assessment of every item that has the potential to impact your websites rank within search engines. The goal is to ensure that any activity you take will only positively impact your organic search results and increase your organic traffic volume.

Why are SEO audits important?

For Google and other search engines to display your website links within search engine results pages your site has to be 'crawled'. Crawling is the discovery process that search engine bots perform to find new websites, new site content and other webpage updates across the internet. Once your site is found the internal links are followed to determine the site structure and what other pages exist. These pages are then ranked based on their content to determine their positions within SERPs. If your site is either not easy to crawl or the content within your websites are structured in an SEO friendly way then you will not be making the most efforts.

Do you cover any off-page ranking factors during your audit process?

We have seen other agency reports that solely concentrate on your business website and activity. Whilst this is the focus of our audit service we are thorough and deliver detailed SEO audits that include off-page and off-site ranking factors. Often this includes items such as reviews, social media and trust factors that can influence the value of your website content for search engines.

What is the most important metric for SEO audits?

This is simple, it is your website content. If you have a well-structured website that is technically optimised with great internal linking it will count for little if your website content is not unique or original. It will also not be relevant to your target audience.

Get your website content marketing updated to match relevant organic searches and you will significant ranking and search engine gains.

Our SEO Audit Process.

01. Consultation

The sole aim for this initial phase is to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and their requirements for search engine optimisation.

We work with you to determine goals to be fulfilled and take time to thoroughly understand how this will benefit your business. We then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current SEO practises and environment.

02. Perform SEO Audit

We then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current SEO practises and environment.

Through keyword research, backlink analysis, technical assessment, competitor analysis and other practises create a report of our findings and share these with you in detail. With your audit report you will have an accurate picture of where you site is positioned and what it will take to get to where you wish to be. We will also share our recommendations with you for how to best apply your updates and work with you to create an effective SEO strategy.

03. Review, Refine & Optimise

At this point we can offer services to conduct regular SEO performance reviews to ensure the agreed plan is delivering the results you want. Where required we modify the SEO approach to better your results and performance. We provide regular reports for you to track SEO performance.

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