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Local SEO services tailored for your local business - Duel Digital SEO Agency
Local SEO Agency Services - SEO Agency London - Duel Marketing

Local SEO Agency

Local SEO Agency

Get your local business in front of local search traffic.

Duel Marketing offer local SEO Agency services to help your local business out rank your competitors. We get you in front of targeted local search traffic.

With location specific and proximity searching offering superior relevancy we implement solutions to make your local business thrive online. At Duel Marketing we understand that local businesses require local searches and local custom to thrive.

Boosting local SEO impact.

The importance of local search engine results pages for your services is crucial to your businesses organic reach. That is exactly what our team of local search consultants deliver and help you reach your potential customers.

Traditionally search engine optimisation was for the larger organisations and those businesses operating internationally, but not any more. Search traffic is not only required to be relevant and interested in your services but also geographically located close by. Including your location on your website will not beat your competition in todays search engine ranking pages. Users require enhanced personalisation and more specificity for their search results. Due to our in-depth knowledge of local business SEO and local user search relationships we’re recognised as local SEO experts. Initially specialising in local SEO services in London we have since expanded our service for local searches all over the UK.

Proven Local SEO Results.

After using our local search engine optimisation services our clients typically report higher significant position increases within SERPs and their SEO traffic increases of 21%!

Local search engine optimisation proposal.

Through SEO audits, keyword research and website maintenance we will create a bespoke proposal for you. We will create a plan that will increase your visibility in SERPs, putting your business in front of local search traffic. Starting with a search engine optimisation audit we will create a package to boost your business within local rankings. Our team of local search specialists will attract relevant users that are actively searching for your services locally.

Duel Marketing temporary image - Duel Marketing SEO Agency - Local search optimisation services in London.

How we improve your local search rankings & website visits.

Local search is about communicating the relevancy of your local business with search engines. We achieve this through a series of white-hat SEO best practises including:

  • Off-site content.

    We check local business directory listings, reviews and even social media for consistency and relevancy.

  • Link building.

    We start by identifying suitable and valuable opportunities for you. Then we actively contact organisations and related companies to get your business talked about and linked to.

  • Website optimisation.

    Is your user journey efficient? Does your website provide relevant details that your customers are expecting to see? Would your site benefit from any technical optimisations?

    In some circumstances we apply knowledge from our conversion rate optimisation services improve your websites organic performance.

By managing your local business accounts related to your web presence we’re able to implement these steps for you. Present your local business in the best way possible, choose Duel Marketing to be your local SEO agency!

Your Local SEO Agency Agency.

Local search ranking factors.

We are able to manage your accounts for Google My Business,, review feedback and more.

Duel Marketing have gained years of experience with local search rankings factors and will improve your rankings and local visibility. We regularly monitor your local search results and optimise your sites organic content. We go the extra mile and check your businesses off-site (review sites, etc.) SEO and other local content. We thoroughly check more of your business credentials than other local SEO agencies. We ensure your opening hours, Google map, address and phone number and more are always accurate.

Local SEO Management.

We are able to assist with local SEO management and maintenance. We make sure you not only achieve your ideal position but importantly that you remain there too! Our team of local SEO consultants regularly monitor your business and competitors businesses SEO activity. We send you regular update reports and recommend actions to take if required to keep you on top of local searches.

Our management service also reviews your websites usability and regularly performing checks for interaction and user journeys. Your sites web design and layout should be optimised to make it as easy users to convert!

Local mobile search.

As a leading local SEO agency we know how important mobile searching has become for local businesses. Mobile devices lead the way for local search and we put your products and services in top positions. Mobiles and other smart devices have raised the priority for local search results over recent years. Duel Marketing put our efforts to place you at top positions within Google's local SEO (as well as other search engines).

Local SEO keywords.

Local customers will use local search terms and this is reflected in our service. We recommend high opportune local search terms for your target and rank for. Local user searches will regularly include local keywords and terms. Capitalising on this understanding we target your potential customers and drive highly engaged traffic to your businesses website.

Voice Searches.

In our experience voice searching is particularly useful for local businesses and services. We optimise content to be rank higher for local businesses when users use voice searches locally.

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Frequently asked Local SEO Services questions.

How can my business benefit from local SEO services?

Some of our more successful clients started operating locally which is where we started to work with them. At Duel Marketing we know just how important local search engine visibility is to local businesses. If your business relies on local customers then you have come to the right agency! Regardless of your industry, be it estate agency, tradesman, restaurant, leisure complex or more, we can help. Get in touch today.

We're able to perform local SEO audits, local SEO keyword and competitor research, local technical SEO and SEO management to put your business in front of local search traffic and ahead of your competition!

What are the benefits of Local Business SEO?

Since your local business requires local customers to thrive it's highly important that your website's at the forefront of their searches! Google has specified that 20-30% of all searches are location related. It is now more important than ever to improve your organic rankings with local SEO. With mobile devices, searches are anticipated to exceed that of desktops computers before long. To get ahead your business should be optimised for mobile searches now.

Check out our digital marketing blog for the latest in organic search developments and local SEO tips.

How can I perform Local SEO?

If you're aware that your local business requires dedicated local search engine optimisation then you're half way there!

We ask our clients, what is it that makes your business unique? What attracts customers and potential customers to your business? Once you're fully aware of the answers to these questions you are able to take action. You want to put your website in front of highly relevant local search traffic. Since your unlikely to be attracting a audience wider then your catchment area.

Check your website is easy to use, informative and that its content is current and accurate. We offer search engine optimisation audits for local businesses in London and the UK. If you'd like help with your businesses local SEO then get in touch today.

Check out our digital marketing blog for the latest in organic reach improvements and local SEO guides.

What Local SEO services do you offer?

You'll be pleased to hear that we offer several Local SEO service options. If our services don't fit your requirements then we're happy to modify our products and services to meet your requirements. Our goal is simple, it is for you to gain local search traffic. We achieve this by putting you in front of local search results. We'll work with you to make this happen!

Local Search Engine Optimisation - Management.

Performing regular checks we review and monitor your local business directory listings for consistency. We monitor other off-site content such as reviews and citations and take action if required. We also provide competitor analysis. If you're losing out on potential business you'll be the first to know. We then create recommendations and actions for you to remain at the top of local search results!

Local Search Engine Optimisation - Advanced.

As a local SEO service provider we aren't happy just getting you to the top, we want you to stay there! We review your on-page as well you off-page content. We review content updates on your website and if required optimise accordingly! Taking further initiative we review your competitors' behavior and actions. If we required we escalate our findings and discuss our enhancement recommendations with you. With regular SEO audits, we tailor our approach for you to remain on top. Delivering great customer service we provide scheduled reports for you to measure and quantify your success.

Local Search Engine Optimisation - Premium.

With an agreed retainer up front we proactively work to monitor, review and improve all your website ranking factors. As a leading SEO agency we are able to act in your best interests and inform you of our actions retrospectively! Using other SEO services we may perform keyword research, technical SEO audits and even your sites web design. Through combined digital marketing efforts we improve your online presence month on month!

I need Local SEO Services for multiple Businesses, can you help?

Certainly! Over the years we have helped many clients grow from local businesses to national organisations and even interntional companies. Whatever your business size or requirement our Local SEO services can be tailored to meet your needs exactly!

Our Local SEO Services Process Explained.

01. Consultation

The sole aim for this initial phase is to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and their requirements for local business SEO.

We work with you to determine goals to be fulfilled and take time to thoroughly understand how this will benefit your business. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current SEO practises and environment.

02. Local SEO Strategy Plan

We discuss and agree action plans and outline work scopes with you. We will conduct local SEO competitor research analysis to determine how best to position your business and share our recommendations with you.

This allows you to see the scale of search engine optimisations you will be receiving and where content and other updates will take place.

We may also discuss technical options with you, such as; website performance, code optimisations and even web hosting.

03. Implementation

With your Local SEO plan agreed we start working on the agreed actions immediately! Depending on your local, target audience and location this could range from local review citations (offsite SEO), technical code updates, keyword optimisation, webpage content optimisations and more.

We also monitor your competitors activity to ensure your strategy remains effective and produces the agreed results for you.

04. Review, Refine & Optimise

During the phase we conduct regular SEO performance reviews to ensure the agreed plan is delivering the results you want. Where required we modify our approach to better your results and performance. We provide regular reports for you to track SEO performance.

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