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UK PPC Agency offering PPC audit and related paid search services.
PPC Audit Services - PPC Agency - Duel Marketing

PPC Audit

PPC Audit

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What is a PPC audit?

A PPC account consists of a number of intricate factors that can be adapted and changed to make improvements. Performing a paid search audit gives your business the results it deserves. A PPC audit will provide a comprehensive set of recommendations to optimise your paid search budget.

At Duel Marketing, we always believe that there is room for improvement. A low-quality score is often down to the wrong keywords, poor ad copy and unnecessary spending on ad platforms.

A PPC audit should form part of your digital marketing strategy and that is where we can help you. We will look at your setup and determine those areas where we think improvements are required. This will ensure that you have the correct account structure that is designed to push your business in the right direction.

We review the set up of your analytics and ensure that all of your campaigns are benefiting from the correct tracking. We ensure that you put manageable goals in place that allow you to measure success. This will make it possible for you to put the right PPC campaign setting in place that works for your business.

Areas of focus.

We pay attention to your strategy and identify how you compare to your competition. Our team of experts will the consider the way in which your bidding supports your complete ad strategy. This guarantees that it’s competitive, targeted, cost-effective and designed to enhance conversion rates.

A setup audit will enable us to determine whether you are using every ad management feature in the right way. This will ensure that you get the most from your ad budget. Ad platforms often have technical updates each month and so, we aim to keep on top of them.

Our mobile audit will enable us to identify whether your text ads are optimised for mobile devices. This enables your business to target specific users with specific devices and specific locations.

We get to grips with the analytics and track your paid ads. This enables us to report on your ROI, further enabling you to streamline your campaign.

The Benefits of a PPC Audit.

We have already identified that ad platforms are complex. Each decision you make can significantly affect the performance of your campaign and that in turn your bottom line. This means that implementing the correct account structure is vital to your success.

It takes an extensive knowledge and experience to understand why your paid search campaign is not working for you. This is why in our PPC audits we highlight those areas of your campaign that need attention. We can then help you to eliminate these issues. We provide you with insight into how your consumers are receiving your campaign. We consider this to be valuable information because it can help to shape your campaigns.

The Approach we Adopt.

When you choose to use our Pay per Click Audit Service, you will benefit from our honest, clear and concise approach. We consider ourselves to be one of the most highly regarded pay per click specialists. All of the work we carry out is done so by dedicated PPC consultants. With years of experience we have the knowledge to make recommendations that deliver the foundations of a PPC campaign that delivers.

Whether you need a PPC audit to address problems or peace of mind before the account goes live, we can help. Our service helps you to take the first steps into a world that’s filled with results and success!

Set your Business on the Right Path with our PPC Audit Service.

PPC success is all about finding opportunities and taking advantage of them. We are here for you because our service is designed to help your business in every way possible. Remaining current and standing ahead of your competitors online is an ongoing challenge, but a challenge that we thrive on.

Allow us to take care of your PPC audit and find out how we’ll take your business to the next level.

Leading PPC Audit Agency.

PPC Audits that Meet your Needs.

Following our audit, we'll provide you with an in-depth summary that identifies opportunities, deficiencies and areas of improvement. We can assist in reviewing your tracking and conversion data while seeking the success of all AdWords campaigns currently live.

Our PPC specialists have experience of how to optimise your ads. Our team can calibrate your new and existing campaigns so they perform in the best way possible. This ranges from ad delivery and rotation to bid, budget and targeting opportunities. Our team are on hand to help you create a campaign that converts into results that matter.

Every click matters! With PPC our aim's to help you create a keyword strategy that balances your target search term with level of precision. We call on our experience and the right tools to obtain an insight into how your competitors are performing. We then look in greater detail for new opportunities that you can take advantage of. Once we have identified and create target keywords, we can offer you an ongoing analysis. This will maintain your ad budget to ensure that you continue to succeed.

Paid advertising should be reinforcing your brand and your message to your audience. Our team can provide you with the guidance you need to improve your messaging and dynamic keyword insertion. We also setup and support campaigns that will captivate search traffic.

When to carry out a Pay Per Click Audit.

Our belief is that there is never a bad time to carry out an audit, there's always something that needs tweaking. However, an audit is a pointless exercise if you have recently changed your strategy or modified your PPC account. This could lead to you carrying out an audit using information that is not correct and true. Therefore, we can help you to identify the right time to undertake an audit. This is particularly critical during times when you're having issues with performance.

When we carry out an audit, we track every cost. Working with you we determine your specific profit margins for your products and services. We then assess whether your campaign level is set correctly.

What Does our Service Cover.

We examine and investigate your keywords match type and identify how they are performing. If you are targeting terms that are too broad match we suggest alternatives that will help your business. Ad copy also plays a significant role in your click-through rates. Therefore, our specialists will analyse your ad text and the quality to identify whether improvements can be made. If your ad groups or ad extensions can be optimised you'll be told. We also provide recommendations for how to achieve an optimum setup for your business. Once actioned these recommendations will result in higher ad ranks and will reduce your cost per conversion.

Attracting consumers is all about using the correct search terms, headings and powerful calls to action. This will ensure that users are shown your ads and visit your landing pages, leading to improved conversion rates.

Landing pages are important to the success of conversion and we analyse the content and quality of these. This will include the quality of the images, quantity and content and how that is relevant to the ads.

Identifying your Customers & How You Can Reach Them.

You need to identify where your most valuable customers live online. You also need to know how you can reach them at the right times. This is where search marketing, display advertising and social PPC can improve the quality of your traffic. We strive to offer a professional and expert PPC audit service that delivers results. Our aim is to ensure that your business benefits from lucrative traffic.

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Frequently asked PPC Audit Questions.

Where is your Paid Search team located?

Our team of PPC consultants are all located within the UK with our hub being in London. We have grown our business from this location offering PPC and SEO Services in London and the rest of the UK. We know how important it is to use the correct keywords and terms when it comes to paid search.

With us you will receive an accurate assessment so your ad spend will not be wasted!

I don't use Google Adwords or Google Ads, are you able to provide an audit for me?

You'll be pleased to hear that while we perform Google Adwords account audits we do cater for all major ad platforms!

There is seemingly not limit to the amount of ad platforms available, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and more. No matter how your current ad spend is distributed we will provide a comprehensive audit. We will take into account your spend between all of your ad platforms. This will allow us to make recommendations for ad budget allocation to maximise your ROI across all your accounts!

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