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SEO Agency London

London based SEO agency Duel Digital offer SEO services to improve your ranking factors, increase your search engine traffic and improve your organic reach!

Leading London SEO Agency Services.

The term SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO services are the practice of making your website content more visible for search engines to understand and interpret. By making your website highly indexable it will improve your rankings. With improved search results positions you will drive more traffic to your website.

Our clients regularly report search traffic uplifts of over 1000-2000%!

Being an experienced UK based SEO agency we’re on hand to help out technically too. We offer technical expertise for implementing multiple improvements:

  • Schema Structured Data.

    Schema Schema rich snippets code are microdata attributes that give your site improved ranking factors for search engines.

  • Link Building.

    Link building (backlinks from other sites to your own) raise your websites search engine profile. If another website features a site link to your website you are seem as a domain with higher authority.

  • Content Marketing.

    Improving your visible on-page SEO with keywords and phrases through research and analysis. This enables you to finely tune your website for your target audience through content updates.

Search Engine Optimisation Specialists.

Using industry best practises we offer services that produce results and meet all search engine criteria and recommendations. Our improvements include updates such as content, web design and page optimisation enhancements. These techniques deliver regular improved rankings and search engine results.

We pride ourselves at our UK SEO customer service. We offer regular communications and we’re more than happy discuss search strategy upfront with our clients. Upfront and open discussions ensure that our agreed strategy will deliver your expected results.

SEO Management Services.

Tired of monitoring your SEO performance? Let our team of SEO specialists and consultants (many of which used to be freelance SEO consultants) help you! We can manage your account and provide you with regular updates, reports and other metrics you may require. We discuss your KPIs upfront and schedule consistent reports for you to check your organic search performance is tracking as intended.

Being an SEO company we tailor our SEO services to meet your needs ensuring we offer you the best value possible. Whatever your targets we implement the most suitable services for you to achieve these.

SEO Agency Services.

To improve your organic reach and position within search results we use the following techniques:

  • Keyword research.

    Backed with search trend analysis our keyword research is highly relevant for your business.

  • Full website audits.

  • Content Creation.

    Our content marketing includes on-page SEO content updates as well as outreach content.

  • SEO strategy services.

  • Website optimisation.

    Conducting thorough reviews of site and web pages we’ll determine what improvements can be made with code and technical updates.

  • Regular reports.

    Highlighting gains, recommendations & actions to be taken.

  • Penalty Recovery & Removal.

    Have you recieved a search penalty you’d like us to investigate and rectify? Don’t waste any time and get your penalty removed, fast!

Search Engine Optimisation Performance.

Combining domain/authority optimisation, content optimisation and technical optimisation we make your website perform at it’s full potential for your business. At peak performance your website will have improved rankings within SERPs. Your business will also benefit from increase brand awareness and more relevant traffic.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation Services.

Many years ago search engine optimisation primarily consisted of including keywords and phrases within your webpage content. Nowadays days the digital landscape and industry best practices are more complex. To ensure you will get the benefits you require for your SEO digital marketing we provide technical audits. We conduct thorough reviews of your website structure, hierarchy, structure of your web pages and code base. Once complete we provide you with a set of recommendations that are split into short, medium and long term goals. Updating your websites setup is rarely a short term solution. For this reason these recommendations often form the start an SEO strategy plan.

So what are you waiting for? Not mater whether you require local, national or international potential customers, Duel Marketing can help. Get in touch to discuss how we can increase your websites organic reach and search engine traffic today!

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SEO Agency Services.

Frequently asked SEO Agency Questions.

What is the most important ranking factor for SEO?

When it comes to search engine optimisation the most important ranking factor is your site content. The more relevant and original the content, the more search engines with prioritising your website. Search engines promote sites with original and relevant content. It is website content that allows search engines to match results to search queries.

Backlinks are also another major influence on your webpage ranks. If high authority domains are actively link building to your site it's a clear indication that you have quality content.

Beyond this technical site optimisation plays a key role. If your content is not structured correctly you won't be making the best use of it. Likewise, if a search engine can't interpret the content easily you won't be taking full advantage of your hard work.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

Unfortunately getting relevant and high-quality ranking factors take time. For this reason, SEO is considered a medium to long-term marketing channel. There are however ways to ensure that your website is excepted and indexed by search engines as quickly as possible:

• How fresh is your content? The more active your website is and the more you update your content the fresher your content rating. Both of these are very important for search engines since they improve your on-page SEO and your target audience engagement.

• Has your website been built to index well within search engine results pages? It is a common misconception that all websites are built to be similar. If your website has not been built to focus on SEO, the chances are that it won't. Not only is a suitable webpage structure an important search ranking factor it also makes your website easier to maintain. Did your web design take into account your site links and SEO strategy? We offer a comprehensive Technical SEO Service for this very reason.

• Have you ever had a Google Penalty? Do you still have a penalty present associated with your site? It's best to remove this as a matter of urgency before proceeding with any SEO strategies or marketing plans. Any SEO expert will tell you that there are little SEO benefits to be achieved when a penalty is present. Make sure all your basics are correct and you are not being penalised before you proceed.

Does social media affect SEO?

Not well documented the link between social media and SEO is present. Depending on your industry this can have a varying amount of impact.

Social Sharing - Posting high-quality content links that users are actively searching for benefits your social presence as well as SEO. As a consequence higher user engagement often follows. This helps to keep your business in active feeds and in front of future potential customers.

Local SEO - Very frequently the content is on a local business webpage is behind that of their social media profiles. In these situations, the more relevant and regular the content updates the more of an SEO benefit they offer.

To assist with your search engine rankings we offer Social Media Marketing Services. With our help, your business can take full advantage of this ranking factor metric.

What is SEO Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a practice that's used to send indicators to search engines that your pages are worth showing within their indexes. Spending time to target the keywords for your business, correctly constructing webpage markup and creating original content that will engage users are the key factors to achieving SEO success! The higher you appear within search engine results pages (SERPs) the more organic traffic your website will receive and the greater your brands' awareness.

What search engine optimisation services do Duel Marketing offer?

At Duel Marketing we know that all client requirements are unique and we happy tailor services to meet your requirements. To help you with your search engine optimisation goals we offer the following services:

Local SEO
Technical SEO
SEO Audit and Assessments
SEO Penalty Removal and Recovery
SEO Keyword Research

Do Duel Marketing offer SEO services for voice searches?

We optimisation all websites to perform well across all search types. One of the most important, and rapidly growing, search types is 'voice'. More and more users are using voice to search for products and services online.

In our experience there are certain industries that perform very well in voice searches, such as telecommunications and travel. However where voice searches are particularly useful are within local businesses. For this reason, it has become part of our Local SEO Services.

Do you include Social Signals as part of your SEO services?

Yes! Social signals are a very important indicator to search engines that your website content is well written, informative and most importantly original.

This has become more and more important to search engine rankings over the years. We recommend this service to any client that will benefit from integrating social media with their SEO marketing.

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From marketing strategy, search campaigns, paid search, content marketing, social media, web design and more. Whatever you want assistance with Duel Marketing will help.

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