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Microsite Design & Development Team at Duel design a campaign based microsite.
Microsite Agency Services - Web Development Agency - Duel Marketing

Microsite Agency

Microsite Agency

Usually independent from a companies main existing website, a microsite if often created for a sole purpose. Compromising of a series of landing pages they offer increased user experience and personalisation. For this reason they can frequently hidden from search engines as not to appear in search results pages. Due to their effectiveness we are often asked to design, build and maintain campaign based microsites. A well designed, built and integrated microsite can offer very high ROI (return on investment). In short, they are small websites that are extremely focused towards a specific goals or event.

The independency from the primary site does not mean that both entities will be completely separate from one another. They will have some distinct features of the company, such as the branding, typography, tone of vice, etc. This is the level of detail that our microsite team specialise in.

Microsites Design & Development.

Building high conversion micro sites can be challenging. Our team make sure that you stand out from your competitors in highly unique ways. Our design and development team deliver solutions that are engaging and highly memorable for your customers, whilst maintaining brand association.

The secret to Microsite success.

Tie your microsite into a much broader campaign! The very definition of the term microsite is ‘part’ or ‘subdomain’. This is precisely why it needs to follow the visual branding, tone of voice and writing style of the broader campaign. For example, if you’ve advertised your campaign on social media then you should keep that format on your micro site too.

At Duel Marketing we adopt the following process to create industry leading microsites:

  • Keep a clear focus.

    Since microsites are independent from the original website of the company it is important that they are focused. Without the focus they can become an ineffective use of resources. The microsite should not go off topic but instead promote the single product or service which appeal to the target demographic. Our team are well aware that the more focused they are the more effective they will be.

  • Defined Sales Funnel.

    The microsite needs to be designed in such a way that there is evident emphasis on conversion. They should be able to drive the users through a sales funnel leading to a distinct and clear call to action. The entire site has the goal of getting one message across to the customers, that a certain product or service exists. This is dissimilar to the original website that will have several different options that the customer can visit.

  • Consistent Web Design.

    Often microsites are far more creative than the main website. This means that the copy and design of the microsite need to match each other and be fully integrated. The copy and design should match that of the parent website.

  • Engaging Designs.

    Having a good design is extremely important. This is something Duel Marketing is very well aware of. We use design elements that catch users attention and keep them there. It is important to focus on the following design elements to develop a effective microsite: branding, content, videos and navigation. Consistency of all these components is imperative if you want to give the site a more professional look. Hence, why you need to get in touch, ASAP!

Conversion & Maintenance expertise.

Clients join us having created a microsite intended for a campaign having originally intended for a limited lifespan. Fast forward several campaigns and the same microsite may still be peforming well and being utilised more. We specialise in microsite conversions and can take your existing microsite and convert to a full website.

Your Microsite Agency Agency.

Development of the Microsite Concept.

The term 'microsites' has become a term that is used often used interchangeably with 'branded blog', 'communication platform' and 'independent campaign'. It is marketing vocabulary that started to gradually catch on over years of web development. We're very well aware of the benefit that a well structured and purposeful microsite can create for brand awareness. It has become one of the most widely utilised areas of web development for a brands. Businesses are able to segment and to talk to different customer groups about their product services. Using multiple tones of voice and personalise their experience can be highly customised for each group.

What really differentiates a microsite from a blog or newsletter is the independent domain name or subdomain. This separates the microsite apart from the existing website. This means that they are often an individual web pages. This provides a platform for your company to be more independence from their original brand. This is especially important if you wish to venture into any other sector or industry and achieve new business goals.

Microsite Purposes.

Over the years we've designed and built many microsites for multiple applications and purposes;

  • Lead generation campaigns.

  • Promotion of an event or a specific product.

  • Announcement of a new product or service.

  • Catering for a niche community of clients.

  • Announcement of a deadline or an event date.

This has allowed us to perfect our expertise for all microsite services. We offer persuasive solutions that deliver a high return on investment for the clients.

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Frequently Asked Campaign Microsite Agency Questions.

Do you offer Microsite hosting?

Yes of course! We serve our clients with end to end services with microsite, landing page and website hosting forming part of our service.

What's involved in creating & launching a campaign microsite?

We designing, developing, launching and maintaining there are often a number of factors to consider which steer the approach to the campaign. Campaign microsite factors include the following:

• Campaign size/volume - What is the extent of your campaign? Will you be receiving international traffic? Does your microsite hosting have to support this?

• Campaign channels - Are you using channels that are likely to cause microsite traffic spikes and does your hosting need to reflect this?

• Campaign tracking/measuring - Gathering relevant data allows you to make better-informed marketing investment decisions and more!

• Campaign expected duration - Will you need to integrate into a new site launch and integrate with other channels as and when they become available?

We are on hand to help and assist you with your microsite from campaign inception to launch and beyond! Contact Duel Digital today for campaign microsite agency support.

Do you offer other digital & internet marketing services to assist with integration?

Yes! We offer many internet marketing services to help with multi-channel campaign integrations. We are able to help coordinate and launch campaigns of all sizes.

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