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Using style sheets to create responsive websites we implement media queries and fluid grids so your website will display on any device, from a mobile phone to a desktop computer.
Responsive Website Agency Services - Web Development Agency - Duel Marketing

Responsive Website Agency

Responsive Website Agency

Considering the constant technological advancements of today it’s understandable that the typical website requirements have increased. The growing demand for web presence across multiple devices has lead to search engine results linking to responsive websites. The growing demands of a website now include, amongst other technical factors, responsive web design (RWD). Smart device evolution has increased web standards and consequently the expectations for all web user experiences. Every website is now expected to work on any device be it a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. The requirement for responsive websites is now mandatory for any business wishing to compete for web presence today.

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The challenging aspect of all this is that different devices have their own specifications for which they need a design. These designs need to be compatible with a device’s display, it’s orientation and more. iPhone, Android devices, and iPads all have their own requirements when it comes to custom website design. You may ask yourself, when will the evolution of smart devices and the requirements for responsive websites end? The simple answer to all this is that: it likely never will. The technological world we have been accustomed to is all about progression, it is in its natural construction. If it does not progress, then what is likely to happen?

Responsive Web Design Approach.

Everyday there is a new requirement that web page developers and owners have to consider. It is of course impossible and impractical to attempt to create website versions to cater for each of these needs. On top of that, the regular introduction of new devices acts adds yet more complexity. Web designers and developers cannot be expected to match all website designs to the constant evolutions of smart devices.

Duel Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency that knows full well how to keep its customers satisfied. We also pride ourselves at being up to date with the latest internet and web standards. We make sure that all our clients get a return on investment (ROI). This level of service has allowed us to create a strong and loyal customer base. So, now that we are talking about how important responsive web design is, what is really that concept?

Responsive Web Design Concept.

The key criteria for responsive web development is to ensure that any content can be displayed on any device. This is regardless of the device width, pixel density and other specifications. Content should be adaptable and respond to the behaviour and environment that is presented within. This means accounting for on the screen size, landscape or portrait orientation, platform and even pixel density.

This benefits site owners two-fold as follows:

  • Ability to display on any device.

    Without having to create multiple versions of a website content authors can edit and publish less content. This smaller volume of content is no less important than that of standard websites. The significant difference being it can adapt for any device. This leads to increased brand consistency and sites and content that is straightforward to maintain.

  • Longevity.

    The best practice approach is to adhere to current web standards and build a lean code base with adaptive layouts. Responsive websites not only cater for devices currently available but also those yet to be introduced into the market. A well implemented responsive design can adapt to any display size. This offers effective future proofing of different display specifications for devices not yet available.

Mobile First Approach.

Our team of front-end, back-end and technical developers have vast experience with creating responsive applications. Being one of the first agencies to offer RWD as a service we have literally written the rule book. We have also had the privilege of advising other agencies on responsive web development integrations of their own. We develop all of our responsive sites with a mobile-first approach. The lean experience of small device browsers allows us to build on this. It also allows us to add styles for devices with richer experiences. Devices such large mobiles, tablets, laptops and obviously desktop computers. Starting with your mobile website we’ll progressively add code to enhance the site as it expands to larger displays. From larger mobiles, to tablet displays and even beyond desktop displays.

We have seen other implementations where desktop displays are first developed. This leads to bloated code where styles and layouts are included to only to be reversed as device widths narrow. This increasing the size of websites unnecessarily and makes this solution harder to maintain.

Responsive Web Design (RWD).

The way we successfully achieve results is by mixing flexible layouts, grid systems, images, and smart use of HTML and CSS. We deliver handmade solutions that outperform theme based responsive templates. This offers superior search engine optimisation benefits and faster load times. This is all easily achievable since your website code only includes what is required remains as lean as possible.

Responsive websites allow users to switch across devices. This means that the same website will perform an immediate shift of its flexible grids and web page layouts. From your laptop to your iPad tablet, the website that you’re on using will update instantly. Responsive websites will modify their layouts to display content within differing display characteristics. This allows for responsive designs to offer optimum presentation styles for different devices. This means that the website would automatically respond to the preferences of the user. This removes the need for developing different designs for different devices present and that may launch in the future.

Your Responsive Website Agency Agency.

Key Features of Responsive Websites.

Media Queries.

A media query allows font-end developers to manipulate targeted areas of a layout when a certain media criteria is, eg. device widths or orientation. This allows for the finite adjustment that an efficient responsive solution requires. The result is a smoother beautiful transition of the website across any given device. The media queries allow the developers to make conditional checks that will help alter web designs. This is based on the properties that the user's device may have. If this criteria are not met then a default display layout is used offering greater support for multiple scenarios.

Fluid Grids.

Whether your website is used on a 21-inch desktop, 13-inch laptop, 9.7-inch tablet, or 5.5-inch mobile phone the layout of the website will adapt. The website will automatically rearrange itself to best fit the screen available. It is the fluid layouts that allow web developers the control required to arrange website content on a devices screen. Once a creative solution is agreed our development team craft the code required to support your sites look and feel. This code is reliable and robust to deliver maximum compatibility across all devices.

An added benefit of this approach is future website updates are applied efficiently. Since modifications are only applied to a single version of your website the maintenance overhead is reduced. Your style or brand updates will apply across layouts consistently. Whether your viewing the mobile version of your site or via another device your update will be applied simultaneously.

Flexible Images.

Utilising your media correctly is important on any website, responsive or otherwise. Since this content is often what sets you apart from your competitors it should be adaptable and presented well. To make your images suitable for multiple layouts our developers use robust code that restricts your content. This keeps content where it is required. This prevents it from exceeding the dimensions of contains containers and maintains your flexible grid system properties. When the flexible container resizes itself the image within it does as well.

The fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries are key technical ingredients that allow developers to make a responsive web designs. This, however, is not all spoon fed and requires a great deal of thinking. Our highly experienced team of developers and designers handle this very well!

Viewport Meta Tag.

This small piece of code can be configured to allow a device and browser width to match. This allows web designers and developers to query device widths and adjust webpage formatting accordingly for devices of differing widths.

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Frequently Asked Responsive Web Design Agency Questions.

I am looking for a responsive web design agency in London, can you help?

Absolutely! Being London based we are able to serve clients in the local area and further afield with clients in all corners of the UK

Are you able to integrate responsive behaviour with custom web designs?

Yes, completely! There aren't many industries today that don't greatly benefit from responsive website optimisations that we offer. We offer custom web design services for this very reason.

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