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Our Amazon Advertising PPC Services will assist you with Ad buying and to sell products through you product detail pages | Amazon Ad Agency
Amazon Advertising Services - PPC Agency - Duel Marketing

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

At Duel Marketing we understand what our clients need from an Amazon Advertising Agency. We appreciate the importance of being able to sell products efficiently and effectively online. The right level of Amazon Advertising delivers a customer experience that is designed to get results. Results achieved through a simple and intuitive strategy designed by us.

Our goal of providing advertising for you is delivered successfully through our experience and understanding in this industry. Our integrated approach is designed to bring success that stands out from our competitors.

How We Get Results.

The first part of the process is to understand your specific needs. This means we have several conversations with you and your team. Our experts seek out ways to enhance our relationship, ensuring that we take the right step towards our goals.

Amazon is an intricate platform. Our initial meeting will aim to discover any problems or issues that holding back your potential. This meeting looks at seeking out advertising solutions and opportunities. Our Amazon marketing services are designed to find the right strategy so that you appear in search results. This helps your profits to grow beyond your expectations.

We never stop because we are driven by customer satisfaction and by identifying new ways of helping your business to grow. We create landing pages and find solutions that are simple because we cover everything.

Professional Service – Personal Touch.

We know that collaborative working and good relationships set us on the path to success. Our ability to perform when it matters is what helps us, and you to succeed. We have a team of Amazon Advertising experts who are highly-regarded in this area and that guarantees results. Our ability to commit to you allows us to almost become part of your business. When we align ourselves with you, we guarantee that your bottom line and profits will grow significantly.

Leading Amazon Advertising Agency.

Amazon Marketing Services Explained.

When you choose our service you'll benefit from our ability to access analytics technology that's directly linked to Amazon marketplace API. Therefore, you will benefit from our investment in e-commerce marketing that is tailored to your business and your audience.

We are an Amazon advertising agency that understands the platform on every level. We rely on our experience and skills. We use these in ways to benefit you with driven innovative thinking and forward planning to set you apart. We pair our know-how with technology to use campaign data to identify those areas that require further analysis and optimisation.

We adopt an approach that involves strategic planning because it is all about looking at the bigger picture. Our ability to learn all about your business and brand enables us to create a campaign that underpins your goals. These campaigns push your business along the paths of success.

Efficient and effective amazon marketing service is all about taking the time to carry out ongoing keyword research through query mining. This enables us to increase the reach of your campaign and your profits through manageable and achievable opportunities.

We can then release programmatic Amazon display ads that reach far and wide while obtaining insights into cross-channel attribution. True success in this area achieved through commitment and that's what we promise. Reports and constant updates ensure that you understand how your advertising is performing. This then enables us to work together in a way then helps us to streamline the process, generating the right results.

Amazon Advertising Process - What's Involved?

Thousands of advertisers have benefited from our service and to begin the process we develop a coordinated strategy. We work closely with your brand and create a campaign that is designed to get results. This will involve ad buying, Amazon ads, headline search ads and seller central configurations. We leave no stone unturned because we want your business to stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

At this point, we aim to identify those areas that have the biggest impact. This is about finding new opportunities and seeking a new angle from which we can execute your marketing strategy. Our expert Amazon analysts have the insight required and the right technology. This enabled us to make informed decisions that have an instant impact on your business, your success and your bottom line.

This whole process is not a one-off process because it requires continuous optimisation. This means we continually test and generate reports with thorough analysis. This exercise is a crucial part of the process, it enables us to seek out opportunities that your competitors have missed. Where appropriate we take advantage of these and deliver profitable growth for your business.

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Frequently asked Amazon Advertising Questions.

What's the difference between 'Sponsored Products' & 'Sponsored Brands' Ads?

These are two different methods for advertising on Amazon, here is a brief explanation of each approach:

Sponsored Products.

If your business has been built solely around a single or minimal amount of markets this method would be more suitable. An individual product, or selection of products are promoted to relevant search traffic. For businesses that offer luxury products this is an ideal way to promote products individually.

Sponsored Brands.

For businesses with a large amount of products that appeal to many markets this method is more suited. This tends to be businesses that target users in one of there markets. Their aim is to cross sell products from their other markets as well. This is also a great mechanism to raise brand awareness.

What are detail pages?

When you place ads on Amazon they either appear on search results or product detail pages. If your ad is clicked on users will then be taken to your product details page.

What is the Amazon Media Group?

In September 2018 Amazon rebranded their Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). They now come under the name Amazon Media Group (AMG).

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