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Digital Marketing Questions answered by Duel Digital Marketing Agency
Duel Marketing Agency - PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development

Do you have a frequently asked Digital Marketing Question?

Below is a few of the most frequently asked questions relating to digital marketing we receive, if you can’t find a question listed below why not contact us and we will respond shortly.

Digital & Internet Marketing Related.

Where do I start with Digital Marketing?

The process of Digital Marketing was developed with the sole purpose of producing marketing and services that deliver ROI, effectively increased, leads, conversions, etc.

In order to know if an improvement has been made first an audit is required as a benchmark to determine your current digital marketing channel performance that you are looking to improve.

How do I know if Internet Marketing will work for me?

Using the results of an initial digital marketing audit a cost effective plan will be created by us. Any reputable digital marketing agency will then advise you of what improvements you can expect for typical cost ranges and where best to allocate your budget.

At this point it will be clear if the cost to increase your digital marketing performance will justify that of your anticipated cost increases. It may be the case where spending too greater amount will not be cost effective for your business. As a responsible digital marketing agency we’ll inform you at this point before you engage in any further marketing activites.

What types of Digital Marketing are available?

Performance marketing spans across the entire digital spectrum, from PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to Web Design and Web Development of your brands website and social media marketing.

With such a vast spectrum performance marketing can typically be broken down into the following results metrics;

CPC – Cost Per Click

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition

CPL – Cost Per Lead

What are typical Digital Marketing Channels?

With technology advances, the rise and fall of technology companies and a rapidly changing landscape there is no definitive list. However the following are a suitable summary of the most common digital marketing channels and services that we offer;

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Email Marketing – Email Design & Build Services

Social Media Marketing

Web Design

Web Development

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Display advertising (Banners)

How do performance marketing agencies differ from other agencies?

Whilst we cannot guarantee how other performance marketing agencies operate Duel Digital follow the performance marketing mantra and deliver marketing that returns value to our clients.

Simple put, if the cost increase of your marketing exercise provides you with enough new leads/conversions that generate revenue larger than that of your increased marketing costs then this represents a return on your investment (ROI).

A responsible performance marketing agency will perform an initial digital marketing audit to ensure their marketing costs are justified, with creative and other agencies the focus will be elsewhere to ROI.

About Duel Digital marketing agency.

How are Duel Digital able to offer fixed price services?

With years of experience in delivery high quality service that justifies our own costs and provides clients with ROI we are able to accurately estimate your investment into digital marketing. We will advise, before starting any work and after an initial digital marketing audit, what digital marketing channels you will benefit from increased investment and have tailored our service levels at industry benchmarks.

Will I have have to sign up to any on-going contracts?

In terms of an on-going working relationship we see no reason for this, some marketing services that target longer term channel maintenance may require a contracted term that we will discuss and agree upfront with you.

For larger adhoc services such as site builds and campaign launches we will provide upfront advice for how to develop, launch and maintain your digital platform but you are free to use us for a whatever term you wish.

Is there a minimum commitment budget required?

We don’t believe in making our clients part with investments on a regular basis, for regular services we can structure payments around what is easiest to justify your marketing costs. Ultimately we tailor our digital marketing services and plans to best suit each and every client.

Will I receive on-going support from Duel Digital?

Duel Digital our know for our on-going support, we offer support services or all kinds with on-going being just one of the many that we do.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Agency Questions.

What PPC Services do you offer?

We offer a variety of PPC Agency Services to cater for accounts and advertising budgets of all sizes.

• PPC Management – We manage your paid search budget for you and maximise your results on an on-going basis.

• PPC Audit – Guarantee maximum performance from your advertising budget with a throuough PPC Audit.

• PPC Remarketing/Retargetting – Get a second chance to convert your leads with engaging messages to motivated users.

• Amazon Advertising – Advertise on the one of the largest eCommerce platforms around and increase conversions and sales on Amazon store.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Agency Questions.

What SEO Services do you offer?

Offering a variety of leading SEO Agency Services we can help websites dramtically increase their organic reach through, local SEO, technical SEO, consultancy and more.

• SEO Consultancy – Need some advice regarding a new websites or updates your current one? We offer leading advice to get your results and place your brand infront search traffic.

• Keyword Research – Set your SEO strategy on the right path with keyword research and improve both your your organic search results and reach.

• Backlink Analysis – Keep on eye on the inbound links to your website, removing irrelvant links with improve your websites credability with search engines and improve your organic ranking positions.

• Technical SEO – Performing in-depth analysis of your website structure and fixing these errors will ensure your website is making the most of it’s content and allow search engines to easily scan and index your website.

Creative Web Design Agency Questions.

Do you offer Web Design Services?

Being a leading web design agency we offer a variety of website design and related services.

• Web Design – Looking to get your website redesigned or redeveloped? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you through the complex task! We design and build sites for CMS integration including WordPress and Magento to responsive websites and microsites and landing pages!

Can’t find the answer to your digital marketing question above? Drop us a quick message and we will respond shortly, we’re pleased to help with advice or assitance.

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