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Analysis and keyword research services for search engine optimisation - Duel Digital SEO Agency
Keyword Research Services - SEO Agency London - Duel Marketing

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

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SEO Keyword Research.

Keyword research forms the very foundation of site search engine optimisation strategy. Targeting the correct words and phrases for your audience drives relevant search traffic to your business. By targeting users that are actively searching for your services results in higher conversions are increased brand awareness.

When a user enters a query into a search engine this is referred to as a search term. This insight can benefit your website by enabling you to add the content that users are actively searching for.

SEO Keyword Audit.

High-quality keyword research sets your SEO activities on the correct path. It delivers highly engaged search traffic to relevant pages on your website. Many agencies will happily generate broad search traffic for your website. At Duel Marketing we get your site in front of the right kind of users is where we excel.

SEO keyword audits often highlight current keywords that your business is targeting that may not be relevant. We have found that companies start with very broad generic search terms. Often these aren’t the most common terms their target audience are searching. Also occasionally the meaning of the keyword terms have changed over a period of time.

Advanced Keyword Research Services.

If required we perform advanced keyword research to build on existing SEO strategies you may have. Conducting a comprehensive keyword explorer process is beneficial particularly for industries with a high number of competitors and competition. We will use your existing digital marketing strategy as a foundation and platform to build on. Our team of SEO keyword consultants perform keyword research techniques that will produce a list of keywords and keyword suggestions. Using these words and phrases within your site content will position your site higher in search engine rankings. Placing your business in front of more highly relevant potential customers.

Having a keen instinct for the head, seed and longtail keywords our team will produce a list of keywords specifically for you. We then use several keyword research tools to accurately match these keywords to your content. With correct implementation, this will yield the most relevant results possible. This will mean that your site appears in more search results. You’ll benefit from an increase in highly engaged users to your website.

Duel Marketing temporary image - SEO Agency consultants reviewing seed, head and longtail terms for keyword research services.

Proven Results.

Once implemented correctly your keywords and phrases will start ranking your web pages in higher positions. These metrics are easy to see within analytics software such as google search console. Our web development team are happy to assist when it comes to adding analytics code to your website. After all, how can you measure the success of your keyword updates if your unsure of your original search volumes.

Leading Keyword Research Agency.

Keyword Trends.

As a medium to long term strategy we monitor trending searches. Where possible place you in strong organic positions for emerging that keyword terms. If a keyword term relevant to your business is increasing in average monthly searches add relevant content accordingly to your site. This will result in a natural uplift in search volume and will help increase traffic to your site over time.

Placing your business strongly for emerging keywords will help you outpace your competitors and establish your business within new markets.

Keyword Research Gap Analysis.

Keyword and terms research often reveals gaps within your target market. We make a point to highlight these opportunities to you so that you may incorporate these goals into your SEO plan.

SEO Keyword Research Service.

At Duel Marketing our team started specialising in Google keyword research and our reputation grew. Not satisfied with dominating a single search engine our keyword consultants now perform analysis for other search engines too. Bing, Yahoo, and all still draw search traffic. Typically the search volume of these search engines is lower. For these search engines we also recommend supporting your brand awareness through paid search services too.

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Frequently asked keyword research questions.

What does keyword research involve?

Keyword research is the process that website editors use to discover genuine search terms that users are entering into search engines. The keywords can be reviewed to determine the relevancy for a websites content. These words and phrases can then be used to form a content strategy for content editing.

What are long tail keywords?

The term 'keywords' became popular when search engines first started to rank websites based on the number of keywords they contained. Initial organic search optimisation was more straightforward. By simply including more keywords on your website than your competitors resulted in you topping Google. Since these metrics were based on a number of keywords they referred to words in the singular.

Fast forward several years and the volume of searches and content available on the web has grown exponentially. To compete with other websites today web authors find niche terms and phrases since single words are too generic. These phrases are referred to as long tail keywords. They typically consist of 2-3 words that users combine frequently in their search queries.

What are 'head' keywords?

Commonly head keywords differ to long-tail keywords due to their high search volumes. To rank highly for a head key term is very beneficial particularly if it is relevant to your business.

For example, the term 'marketing strategy' is a head keyword. The phrase 'marketing strategy example' is an example of a long tail keyword.

What are 'seed' keywords?

Seed keywords are groups of single words that are used at the very start of your keyword research. These words are not changed by the introduction of modifier keywords. For example 'web design' is a seed keyword and the introduction of modifier keywords does not change it's meaning. 'web design templates' or 'web design prices' have still not modified the original meaning.

Do you recommend any Keyword tools?

This is often a loaded question and clients really want to know if we approve any free tools. With most digital marketing services you only get what you pay for. When looking into tools that offer potentially powerful data for free the motive of these software should be in question. We have seen situations where keywords to benefit other companies (such as brand names) have been placed within lists. Implementing keywords in a general manner like rarely gives you the result you want. We always recommend using several sources and tools for a thorough comparison, something our service is renowned for.

What are intent keywords?

Keywords with intent can be thought of as longtail keywords that are engineered to capture the attention of search traffic from users with at the point of purchasing or converting. For example, if your business offers printing services and you attract visitors searching for the keyword 'printers' these users may be looking for your services or they could be looking to purchase printers for their home, etc. Selecting a keyword of intent to attract the right motivated visitors would be beneficial such as 'printing services' or 'printing services company'.

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