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Our UK based support team are on hand to discuss WordPress hosting, shared hosting, web servers and your web hosting service.
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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We offer web hosting services that are second to none with enterprise level technical support. We match our level of support with equally impressive state of the art web servers.

Choose from a wide range of web hosting plans that can satisfy all your web hosting needs. We guarantee security and zero downtime in case of emergencies. Our customers know they can depend on the reliable hosting infrastructure with us. Our hosting systems were created by expert hosting engineers collaborating with professional website builder.

With our combined expertise, we deliver solutions can satisfy all web hosting requirements. We are still able to keep evolving with dynamic requirements of the hosting field due to the same combination of skill. With 24/7 tech support, our customers know we are just a call or a chat window away from them. For further peace of mind we reassure all our clients by storing offsite backups.

State of the Art Equipment.

At Duel Marketing, you will find that we only use state of the art equipment for our web hosting services. Moreover, we ensure that our customers get their money’s worth by using industry leading technologies. Advanced routing redundancy provided through multiple interconnected routers means our network is always available. We cater for heavy traffic applications, arranging redundant power, containers and fibre channel connectivity to our dual-processor Xeon based servers. In the event of an issue we automatically switch your website host from a virtual server to a number of alternatives. The switch is instantaneous and requires zero downtime.

Dedicated Hosting.

Typically we offer a UK based dedicated servers that are indispensable when it comes to smooth performance. Without one, host technicians may spend the whole day debugging bottlenecks and attempting to prevent performance delays. We offer full transparency when it comes to our customers. Unlike other cloud services, our team will confirm the presence of network or hardware related issues should they occur.

Secure Web Hosting.

Our web hosting technicians know the importance of security and they never compromise on it! All potential threats that could affect your website will be rendered harmless by the correct provisions. We offer a secure hosting environment to all our customers and ensure that things like shared servers can threaten safety. You can depend on how effectively your SSL Certificate padlocks your details to our servers!

We pride ourselves on our industry leading support team. We take it personally when your website isn’t working optimally. That is why our web hosting service team are always available to talk to our customers. Communicate that you need a hosting technician to discuss your hosting account and your call will be transferred immediately. Hosting issues? Get in touch with us immediately!

Your Web Hosting Agency.

Cloud Hosting.

We understand that the needs of each business are unique and we offer a wide range of cloud services. Our cloud services include; Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We want our customers to always find the best option for their hosting needs. Utilisation of cloud hosting allows us to counter huge challenges at enterprise level.

We use cloud hosting to offer a safe, secure, and scalable platform to our customers. Historically, meeting the mentioned objectives was challenging to say the least. Now we have the time and resources that we need to direct our focus towards another essential part of hosting services. We continually work on different ways to improve the cloud application's delivery. The cost of buying and maintaining hardware is reduced due to cloud hosting.

Before companies invest in hosting plans, they must also consider the expense. That is why web hosting packages make more financial sense. We offer companies the option of using public clouds. That means they can pay for the services they have used. With Duel Marketing, companies using cloud hosting maximise the ROI (return on investment) and get TCO (total cost ownership).

Responsive Support.

Our website Customer Support package comes with much more than an option for Live Chat! We believe in providing our customers with the complete solution, so our expert team doesn't just do issue management. We resolve the problem at hand and then retest to make sure that issue doesn't arise again! Swift resolution of is a core component of our website support packages.

Our SLAs are designed to provide swift resolution of issues and structured general maintenance on a regular basis. Our customers know to call us the moment they come across a problem on the Control Panel.

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Frequently Asked Web Hosting Questions.

What's the catch with free web hosting & free domains?

Rarely is something for free that is worthwhile. We often have clients coming to us asking for advice to optimise their website or web application are hosting on an infrastructure that they been given for free. In these situations we nearly always recommend that they upgrade their hosting plan, this can provide many instant benefits:

• Better website performance - it isn't cost effective to improve your website code for performance if your web server introduces delays when sending that data to your users.

• Search engine optimisation - One of the main factors for organic search ranking is website performance, if your server isn't performing well the neither will your website. Clients often thank us once a server upgrade has been completely, not only does their website speed increase but also their ranking within SERPs (search engine results pages).

Can I simply host a website?

Of course! Since all website specifications and requirements are different we recommend you get in touch for us to recommend a package to meet your hosting specifications or for us to create a bespoke package to perfectly match your requirements.

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