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Earn Money from Videos with Facebook Ad Breaks | Duel Marketing
Duel Marketing Marketing Agency - Earn Money From Videos with Facebook Ad Breaks

Earn Money From Videos with Facebook Ad Breaks

  • April 12, 2021
  • 3:35 pm
  • Duel Marketing Editorial Team

Have you ever wondered about Facebook Live? How to make use of this new feature and what are the requirements? – Apparently, you can insert a commercial ad break within your Live, whether it is a concert or event. Yes, you can earn money when you monetise your video content. Now, I have already stirred your curiosity, right? – Keep reading to know more!

  1. So, what are Facebook ad-breaks exactly?

    Ad breaks are short ads that may last up to 15 seconds, inserted as breaks in your Facebook video content. Your eligible video must be at least three minutes long to include ad breaks. There are three types of ad breaks that you must know; mid-roll, pre-roll, and image ads. Facebook may add these ad breaks automatically at natural breaks or you have the choice, adding your own placements.

  2. How to insert Facebook Ad Breaks?

    Let’s go through the two ways to insert Facebook Ad Breaks, shall we?!

    Automatic Placement Method

    In this case, the Facebook algorithm determines automatically the best placement for the ad breaks. Just upload your video and you have the option to enable ad break or choose the default feature on your page. Make use of automatic placement and give your fans the best possible experience.

    Choose Placement Method

    In this case, you have the absolute freedom to choose when an ad break will start. Facebook gave us valuable advice “Try inserting an ad break straight after a cliffhanger to keep the audience on the edge of their seats to keep watching.” If you pick the Choose Placement method, make sure you’re doing it right to maintain positive user experience.

  3. How to be eligible for Facebook Ad Breaks?

    Any Facebook user can monetise his video content on Facebook as long as he meets the following requirements:

    Must have at least 10,000 followers

    Facebook allows ad breaks if your Live has more than 300 viewers and must have lasted for at least 4 minutes

    Meeting Partner Monetisation Standards

    The page should be located in the list of countries enrolled in this service

    Your page must have 3,000 1-minute views in the last 60 days

    Before the ad break, tell your viewers that you will be right back. The advertisement will appear, with a counter in the screen corner to know when it will end

Tips to meet the eligibility for Facebook Ad Breaks

Grow your Facebook Page fan likes

There is no instant action to grow your Facebook page fan likes. However, posting high-quality content regularly can really do magic! You can also promote your page on other social media platforms. Yes, organic reach is limited, and growing your fan likes will take much time. If you want to accelerate the fan growth, try one of these tactics:

Create a Facebook Page likes campaign

Launch a Facebook page likes campaign, with the objective ‘Engagement,’ and click ‘Page likes.’ Take your time when choosing your target audience. Select the relevant interests and locations to achieve the best targeting.

Invite engaged users to like your page

When you boost your posts, people may engage with your content but not like your page. So, invite these users to like your page through the active Invite button next to the name. If you’ve already reached the required number of fans, don’t settle down. Always post creative content, engage your audience, and invite more fans to like your page. When you get more fans, your content will be more efficient, and thus, more payout.

Reach 30k in a 1-minute video view or the required post engagement

The next step is to reach the required post engagement, which is 30k in 1-minute video views. If you have a short video of about 3 to 4 minutes, you have to reach 30k views in the first minute. Also, you can be eligible if you reach 180,000 views across all your videos. Similarly, organic reach can be a bit slow. So, you may want to consider boosting your best-performing videos.

Boost your video with the most engagements

It is always a good idea to boost your best-performing video to meet the required post engagement. Choose your target audience, boost your video, and you’ll easily get 30k in the first minute of your video. Using this tactic, your campaign will be optimized according to the entire engagements, not just video views.

Run a video view campaign

Running a video view campaign is a powerful alternative solution to reach the 1-minute video views and even more. But, you must know that it will cost you a little more. Run this campaign, select ThruPlay optimisation, and Facebook will do the rest for you. It will optimise your campaign, choosing the people who may be willing to watch at least 15 seconds of your video.

Monetise your videos with Facebook Ad Breaks

  1. Submit your page for Facebook Ad Breaks

    At first, you need to submit your page for Facebook ad breaks and follow the steps to seek approval. Choose your page and manage your Facebook ad breaks through Facebook Creator Studio. From the left menu and choose ‘Monetisation.’ Take your time to review the monetisation terms and conditions, and finally, click ‘accept.’ Choose the acceptable form to receive your payment and add your payment account. Once you’ve finished the setup, the approval process will be fast.

  2. Choose the ad break placement in your video.

    Choose where the Facebook ad break will appear in your video or let Facebook do it for you. It’s up to you! Check out your options:

    Automatic Placement

    Allow Facebook to choose the convenient placements for the ad breaks in your video. Expect about 1 to 2 seconds of a break in your content.

    Manual Placement

    Choose manually where to include the ad break in your video. Enhance the user experience by adjusting the ad break by 10 seconds.

  3. Create high-quality videos for Facebook ad breaks

    Create high-quality videos, relevant to your niche industry, to engage your audience and boost fan growth. Whenever you post a video on Facebook, it will automatically start the review process. Of course, Facebook will be looking for videos with high velocity to determine the high-performance posts. It determines the videos with high video views and marks it as a top-performance video. So, it will not take much time to review as posts at a slower pace.

    The Facebook review process can take up to 48 hours, showing its status in the Ads Break Tab. If your video appears with the status will be ‘Limited/No Monetisation,’ you have another one trail. It means that your video is not getting a response as expected, has inappropriate content, or simply isn’t eligible to the Content Guidelines for Monetisation. Here are some tips to optimise your video for monetisation:

    Establish a theme & create relevant content to your industry

    Know your audience, research your target audience, and find creative ways to engage your fans. Once you’ve chosen your style, create a storyboard. Start your video with a cool personal intro and Make sure your audience is hooked in the first 3 minutes. Stay away from videos with a static image and use eye-catching visuals.

    Create original Facebook videos

    Make sure to create original videos. Facebook doesn’t allow monetisation on shared or downloaded videos from other platforms such as YouTube. Create original content and engage your audience through meaningful conversations in the comments.

  4. Review the Facebook Ad Breaks Performance

    Measure your performance and view your statistics through Facebook Creator Studio. These insights include your best-performing videos, engagements, estimated earnings, and more. Your payment depends on ad cost per impression and ad impressions. But, you have to know that views coming from ineligible countries won’t count. Facebook won’t include these engagements in your impressions.

Are you ready to monetise your Facebook page?

If you are a video creator, then, this feature will be a gold mine to you! Leverage the opportunity, study your audience, and start to qualify your page for ad breaks. Remember that high-quality content is your gate to fans’ growth, keeping them around for long. Engage your audience and start earning money from your creative videos. Are you ready to monetise your Facebook page?!

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